Create a Galaxy Shirt




Introduction: Create a Galaxy Shirt

These instructions will guide you through creating your own galaxy shirt!

Step 1: Collect Materials

You will need:
- Black shirt
- Bleach
- Spray bottle
- Large plastic bags
- White fabric paint
- Stiff paintbrush or toothbrush
- Acrylic paint in various colors
- Sponge brush or sponge
- Masking Tape
- Gloves
- Water

*****Note: You can purchase most of these materials at any craft store. I purchased mine from Michaels, but Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, and other stores will have the items too. I purchased the plastic garbage bags and bleach from a grocery store.

Step 2: Cover Workspace & Line Shirt With Plastic

Spread plastic bags out on the ground  and line the inside of your shirt with plastic so that bleach does not get on the floor or bleed through to the back of the shirt.

Step 3: Create an Outline on Shirt

Use the masking tape to make the outline of a shape of your choice on the shirt.

This outline will remain untouched by bleach and paint, so it will stand out in the end.

Step 4: Fill Spray Bottle

**WARNING: Keep bleach away from eyes and mouth. Wear gloves for added protection.**

Fill the spray bottle with 3/4 bleach & 1/4 with water.

Step 5: Spray Shirt With Bleach/water Mixture

The spray bottle was held about an inch above the shirt to make the very concentrated spots, shown in the picture. The spray bottle was held about a 6 inches above the shirt to make the circles. The spray bottle was held about 1.5 feet above the shirt to create a mist effect. Drops of the mixture were placed on the shirt to create the very small concentrated spots.

Step 6: Wash Shirt

As the bleach sets into the shirt it will eat away at the material and become very discolored. To avoid this, wash the shirt either on a spin cycle in the machine or hand wash it in cold water. The shirt can tumble dry in a machine or air dry.

**If you choose to use a washing and drying machine, remove the masking tape beforehand and replace it when the shirt is dry.

Step 7: Prepare Paints

Once the shirt is dry and ready to paint, place clean plastic on a flat surface and place drops of each of your paint colors on it.

Step 8: Create Stars

Dip your paint brush or toothbrush into the white paint and flick it onto your shirt to cause the small specks to resemble a galaxy of stars.

If you get a big drop, merely put a cross through it to make it resemble a brighter star.

Step 9: Add Color

Fill in the empty black areas of your shirt with color by lightly dabbing different paint on with the sponge and spreading it around in various designs.

Step 10: Remove Masking Tape

Once you are satisfied with your shirt, remove the masking tape and you will have a finished a galaxy shirt!

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