Introduction: Create a Realistic Scene in Unity

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Hello Guys Today we are creating a realistic scene in unity using free 3d scanned model available on the internet

Make sure you have some basic knowledge of unity interface and a unity3d software on your computer.

NOTE -- The above image quality may differ in other computers if you had good graphics you will get a good looking result.

Step 1: What You Need

You need unity engine I am using unity 2018.1 or above to download it go to these link Download now

If you already have unity engine then start from here

After you install unity you need to download Post processing stack Download this file here

Download the models here

Download the Prefabs here

Download The 1.file here

Now you are ready to go.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Project

First, open your unity engine after opening your unity engine you will see a dialog box.

Follow the step in order.

1. Click on Create project

2. Name your project any name

3. Choose the post-processing stack you downloaded earlier

4. Create the project. Well done you create a unity project

Step 3: Extracting Files and Setting Up Folder

Now you see the unity editor in the project you see a folder called post-processing stack which contains post-fx and a folder called scene.

1. Now extract the downloaded file called model to your asset folder.

2. Now extract the downloaded file called prefabs to your asset folder.

After the extraction is finished you will see like this as shown on the above picture.

Step 4: Placing the Environment in the Scene

Now after making the folder its time to create the scene.

Follow the steps carefully

1. Delete the main camera and lightning in the scene.

2. Go to Prefabs and Click on Environment and drag to the hierarchy.

After you drag the environment you will see like this in the above picture.

It doesn't look good right new step will show you to set up lighting.

Step 5: Setting Up Lightning

It's time to add some lightning.

1. Click on window.

2. Click on lightning.

3. Click on Settings.

4. Expand Models folder and also expand Brudslojan folder.

5. Click on Skybox.

6. Drag Skybox to the Skybox material as shown on above picture.

7. Click on Sun source.

8. Click on Scene.

9, Click on Directional Folder.

Now you have completed your lightning setup now it is somehow nice.

Step 6: Adding Post Processing

Now it is time to add some effect.

1. Click on Main Camera.

2. Click on add component.

3. Click on search and type post processing if you didn't see anything make sure you have downloaded post-processing stack.

4. Click on the script in the first list.

5. Now drag and drop 1.asset file to your asset folder you have downloaded earlier in step 1.

6. Now drag the file 1 to the script as shown on the above picture.

Step 7: WOW You Finished

You will see the above result you can modify it or make it more beautiful.

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Thank you for reading till now.

The free models are from


Credit models use from
name of the model --- Author Name

Big LOg --- majedhd

wood-stick-01 --- 3dhdscan

Ground moss forest square 8k --- 3dhdscan 3D Scan -

Single Stone on ground --- MGD Films

Icelandic Dike #2 --- Marissa Dudek

Stonewall - lippo

Boubín Stump --- 3dhdscan 3D Scan -

Rock Wall --- MGD Films

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