Introduction: Create a Restore Point in Windows 10 / Restore a Restore Point

These are the easiest steps to create a restore point in Windows 10. If you have issues in your Windows system, then try to go back to a working restore point. This might fix your issue.

Step 1: In the Cortana Search Bar, Search 'Create a Restore Point'

Make sure you select the option that has 'Control Panel' under it.

Step 2: (Optional) Turn on System Restore

If you system restore is turned off, you will have to turn it on before you can create a system restore point. Then you will have to decide on how much hard disk space you will allow it to use. The small amount of hard disk space you choose to less restore points you will have the option to go back to. I usually stay around the 5-10% mark for this.

Step 3: Click the 'Create...' Button

Click the create button for 'create a restore point right now for the drives that have system protection turned on'

Step 4: Enter a Descriptive Name

Enter a name that describes what you are doing at that point to create a system restore.

Example: Computer Clean Up (I use this when I do a computer clean up so if it messes up anything I have a good restore point to go back to and I can tell what it is).

Step 5: That Is All!

Step 6: Restore a System Restore Point in Windows 10

On the same screen in the previous steps (System Properties -> System Protection tab)

Click the 'System Restore button'

Then choose which restore point you want to go back to and let the computer restart and restore.

DO NOT turn off your computer during this time.

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