Introduction: Create a Simple Landscape in Photoshop

This Instructable will show you the easiest way possible to create a simplistic 2D landscape in photoshop. By using the basic tools and shapes given to you in any Photoshop version, you can do amazing things.

Step 1: Getting the Colors

The first thing you need to do in this process is get the basic colors. Try sticking with one color in different shades as shown above. I used dark purple, and progressed to a lighter purple. These colors will help define the depth of field in your image.

Don't forget to size your canvas correctly, we used: 3000x1895.

Colors used:






Step 2: Correct Tools

With this project, you're going to be using one main tool... The 'Lasso' tool. This will allow ridged edges, and it gives the picture a more natural look to the hills.

Step 3: Creating Hills

The next step in this process is to create the hills. Using your lasso tool, create a shape near the bottom of the canvas, this will be your darkest colored hill.

Step 4: Layering and Colors

Now that you've got your selection, you can start coloring. The fastest way to do this is to use the paint bucket on your selection, which fills the selected area with the color.

An important step in this process is to create a separate layer for each hill, make sure the layers are under one another starting from the darkest hill which would be the top layer.

Step 5: Almost There

Once you've gotten all your hills colored and in separate layers, it should start to look a little like this. You maybe thinking "That looks a bit boring, and bland!" I agree, it sure does. To spice it up, check out the next step.

Step 6: Adding Trees

In order to get to the pre-made trees in photoshop you'll have to go to:

Shapes > Custom > Foliage and Trees

Once you've done this, select a tree you like.

Step 7: Planting Trees

Be sure to create the trees on a layer above the hill you are creating them for.
Create different sized trees and place them randomly on the hill. Repeat this step for every hill, remember to separate everything by later and correct the color of the tree as needed.

Step 8: Coming Together

After adding all the trees, it should start to look like this.

An important thing to remember is to make the trees smaller as the hills get lighter. Again, it helps define the depth of field and gives you the feel at you're looking at a hill off in the distance. The trees will illustrate how the hills are getting further away as the trees get smaller.

Step 9: Getting Fancy

If you wanted to step up the looks of this picture, use some lighting tricks.

Try darker / lighter colors on the hill to simulate shadows, you can also use the lasso tool to create cloud like shapes to add a little more awesomeness to it.

Step 10: Finishing Up

Congrats, you successfully made it through this instructable, show it off! Tweet me your final design: @DadBlox

See how I used this design < Near the bottom of the page