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Introduction: Create a Copper Necklace

About: Hi I am Dutch and live in Sweden. I love to create things in my little woodshop.

I am quite new to instructables and when I saw that there was a necklaces contest coming up I decided to do this instructables

Unfortunately I already published it two days before the contest started. When I wanted to use this instructable for this contest it was rejected because I had placed in on instructables before the contest was opened. A rule I was not aware of. Initially I was disappointed but then I decided to explore if it was possible to develop my first idea. So here it is: Create a copper necklace. This instructables gives you two ideas in one. I hope you like them.

Step 1: The Difference...

The difference between my first instructable( ) and this one is that the upper layer is in copper instead of wood and that I didn’t glue the second layer to the first layer. The wooden pendants has two wooden layers which are glued together.

It is smart to have a backside on your copper pendant otherwise the copper can cause a greenish discoloration on your skin or clothes.

Step 2: This Is What You Need

- copperplate (1 mm)

- One piece of wood (2 inch x 2 inch and 1/8 inch thick) (or two i different colours if you can't choose. I used birch and Indian rosewood)

- a picture that you want to cut

- wood glue

- a nail

- a hammer

- a drill

- jigsaw

- shears

- wax

- copper polish

- Dremel

- sandpaper

- a rasp

- pliers

- silver wire (or other wire)

- chain

Step 3: Lets Start

Glue the design on of the copperplate with wood glue. This makes it easy to remove afterwards. Let dry. Cut out your picture with a shears.

Step 4: Before You Start Sawing

Use a rasp to smoothen the edges. Make an indentation with a nail and a hammer to prevent the drill from slipping away. Drill a hole (0.08 inch) in the center of your design and one more where you want your ring. You will get some burs so smoothen with a rasp.

Step 5: Let's Saw

Prepare your jigsaw and cut your design. When your design is very tiny you can drill some holes in advance. I drilled a few holes for the legs of the dog before I started. This will make it easier.

Remove the picture when you’re done and use a rasp to smoothen the edges.

Step 6: Polishing the Pendant

To get rid of the scratches and to get a shiny surface, I polished the pendant with a cloth-wheel and buffing compound. I have used a polishing machine (Sorry I do not know the name in English) but you can also use your Dremel. Wear safety glasses and use pliers when you use a polishing machine. If necessary clean with alcohol.

No Dremel or buffing mashine? No panic.There are many ways to polish your copper. Did you know that you can do it with lemon or even ketchup? Look here:

Step 7: Make the Backside

Use your pendant as a template and draw the contours on a piece of wood. Drill the hole for ring. Saw with a jigsaw and sand it afterwards. Apply wax on back and front.

Step 8: Choose Black or White, Light or Dark

Difficult to choose which background black, white, light or dark?????????

Step 9: Bend, Fasten Ring on Pendant and Enjoy

Make a ring with pliers and sliver wire. Fasten to pendant. Fasten on the chain and enjoy! And Yes I chose black/dark.

The end/bye bye Amaries.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like the copper a lot! I love the look of the dark wood backing.


    7 years ago

    Well done. Way to not give up. These are great.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love the dark wood background, wonderful work! Thanks for sharing!