Introduction: Create a Triangle Screwdriver for Disposable (mcdonalds Happy Meal) Toys Out of a Hex Key.

Create a triangle-head bit out of a hex key for use in taking apart disposable or really cheap toys.

This instructable requires:
  - safety gear :-) 
  - a hex key ( 1/8" works best )
  - a benchtop belt sander
  - a cheap toy to disassemble.

The advantage to using a hex key is that the size is right to begin with, and one just needs to sand down three points to be left with a triangle.   (See sketch in the third image).
Pick a point and begin sanding.  Be sure to wear your safety gear, as sparks and chips may fly at any time.  The key may also become quite hot, and there is potential to end up with a sharp point.

When the three hex points are ground down and seem to form a triangle, try out your new bit.   I found that I needed to fine tune my triangle a few times, and then once again once I got the first screw out of the toy to ensure a good fit.

Done!  :-)

Note that some toys use a mixture of screws, clips, and glued (or plastic-welded/melted) pieces.  Even with all visible screws removed, there is no guarantee that a toy can be disassembled easily.

Reassembly for any toy is an exercise left up to the user. :-)
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This tool was used in the creation of the mazzmn electric slide whistle.

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