Introduction: Create an Instructable

You have found yourself at and wanting to create your own instruction set. Proceed with this Instructable to do so!

Step 1: Login or Sign Up

After you've navigated to the home page, you have clicked on the login or sign up buttons and found this page. Enter your information to register for the site so you can create your Instructable.

Step 2: Start the Project

After you've logged in or signed up, you are back at the home page. Click on the top button "Write an Instructable"

You then find yourself with option of "Sign Up" or "New Instructable". Since you've already signed up, you can click "New Instructable". You then have to name your project.

Step 3: Upload Images

Here, you have the option to upload the images you have taken in your Instruction Set process. Hopefully you have all that you need. If not, you can add them as you go.

Step 4: Start Creating Steps

Here is the outline of your Instructable. From your outline that you may or may not have have created, you can determine the best step by step process to your instruction set.

Step 5: Finalize and Publish

Here is where you finish creating your step-by-step process.

You'll want to go over it and make sure each step is clear and well documented, as well as coherent and sufficient in its ability to teach the process.

You will also publish the Instructable and select a category for which your instruction set applies.

Entering keywords will help individuals find your instruction set, and you can also enter contests in various categories to compete for the best Instructable!

Click the button at the top or the bottom to finish the publication and make your Instructable live.