Create an Instructable

Introduction: Create an Instructable

Learn how to create an Instructable!

Step 1: Go to

Learn how to create an Instructable!

Step 2: Set Up an Account

  • Click on "sign up" in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Choose "free"
  • Create a username and password
  • WRITE DOWN your username and password and give it to your teacher

Step 3: Click Create

  • Using your mouse, go to the drop down menu under "create" and select "Create Instructable"

Step 4: Name Your Instructable

  • Choose your title
  • Choose your category
  • You do NOT need to choose your channel

Step 5: Photos

  • Upload all photos you will use in your Instructable

Step 6: Select Photos

  • Drag the photos you would like for your Cover page
  • Move to the next page and drag the photos you would like for Step 1
  • Continue with this process

Step 7: Title Each Step

  • Choose the title for your instructable
  • Note that you DO NOT need to write "Step 1" or "Step 2" -- it will automatically fill this in!

Step 8: Save & Preview

  • Save your work
  • Preview it to make sure it meets your expectations
  • Ask a peer to look at it
  • Ask your teacher to look at it
  • DO NOT publish until you are sure you have made all corrections

Step 9: Publish

  • Once you are sure your Instructable meets your expectations, select publish

Step 10: Add Key Words

  • After you hit Publish, you'll be asked to add keywords
  • Choose words that will help someone find your Instructable when they search
  • For instance, if your instructable is related to archery, you can use "bow and arrow"

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    Parthiv Joshi

    When I click 'publish' it shows a box which has -'how it works' and 'new instructable'

    it says 'verify your email'. I do send the verification email and it
    also shows 'Email sent'.It then disappears .then if i click new
    instructable or publish again that process.

    SO Frustrated

    Please,suggest what to do

    This is my first instructable

    Please i want to make one of elecrtricity producing footwear

    I have sended this problem of mine to others also

    please anyone who understands ,ansewer

    Moose Dr
    Moose Dr

    8 years ago on Introduction


    I'm sure this instructable has been floating around elsewhere, but I am working to put up my first. This description makes it easier for me.