Create an Air Filter Box for Motorcycle (Virago) From a Cheap Aluminum Lunch Box

Introduction: Create an Air Filter Box for Motorcycle (Virago) From a Cheap Aluminum Lunch Box

It´s an idea about how you can create a cylindrical air filter box using a cheap aluminum foil made lunch box. Well, the motorcycle I used is a Yamaha Virago 250, but using the same concept (because there are aluminum lunch box of several shapes in the market)you can make your own model according to your motorcycle...

Step 1: What You´ll Need, Disassemblage and Definition of Design

You�´ll need:

-1 aluminum foil lunchbox(cheapest one)
-1 aluminum foil cooking oil filter pot
-1 Cheap alumin foil pan lid
-some bolts and nuts
-Aluminum plate to make the support for the filter element(FOAM)
-Some (almost 7) aluminum rivets that fits 4mm diameter holes

-Cutter tool like dremel with cutter circular blade or a jigsaw with bimetal blade
-Grinder bits used with dremel tool or driller
-A basic driller with drill bit for metal (4 mm diameter)
-Rivet plier
-Epoxy glue and Epoxy Clay


- Disassemle the oil pot, the lunchbox
- Disassemble the actual air filter box of motorcycle and observe it to design the similarities needed to use the same filter element (FOAM) and to fit the air intake hole of motorcycle...

Step 2: Making the Main Hole on Lunchbox

You need to get the diameter of the air intake of motorcycle (where the motor sucks the filtered air) and make a hole on lunchbox...To make the hole you can use the metal cutter disc with dremel tool or a bimetal blade with a jigsaw. After that you need some grind work using grinder bit with your driller or dremel tool...

Step 3: Cutting Some Aluminum Plate to Meke the Foam Tripod Support

You´ll need to cut with jigsaw some stripes of aluminum plate to make the tripod to mount the foam filter element.

Step 4: Making the Holes to Put the Tripod Legs With Rivets

Now, drill the holes using a 4mm bit and prepare to use the rivet plier. To mount the tripod you´ll need epoxy clay and/or epoxy glue. Put a little nut at the top of tripod. This nut will hold the bolt to close the air filter box.

Step 5: Rivet the Tripod and Put the Epoxy Clay and Glue

Just rivet it all

Step 6: Making the Lid

Take the pan lid and make a hole in it. Then, put the oil pot lid over it using the epoxy clay. Now we have a chrome shinning surface lid to our air filter box

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    El Muerte
    El Muerte

    12 years ago on Step 5

    How did you solved problem with vacuum hose ?!?!?!


    14 years ago on Introduction

    OK, but why? Was there something wrong with your airbox, does this give you improved performance? L


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Well, this version is only for change the look of Virago egg shaped air filter box. I like the new look. Next version will implement some design changes to improve performance...I mean some changes in air intake location, and other things...I need to make some tests....Well, for now gimme a break, it´s my first instructable contribution LOL ;)


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    I was mainly interested in what this does for perfomance. If you get some measurable improvement from your next design, be sure and let us know. L