Create an Elegant and Romantic Bedroom With IKEA!

Introduction: Create an Elegant and Romantic Bedroom With IKEA!

About: Recently moved to L.A., broke as a joke but trying to make the best of it :)

So this is my sad little room. And here is its story:

I've always dreamed of moving to Los Angeles. Finally, this year I was able to make the move. I didn't own much of my own furniture and what little I did own wasn't worth the cost of transporting here.  So... I packed only what I could fit into my compact car and headed West. I thought I could get by for a few months sleeping on an air mattress. Unfortunately, it sprung a leak a week after arriving. Now I sleep on my roommate's couch (IKEA of course) and my room has been tragically abandoned.  Since I'm on a very strict budget  IKEA  is the perfect place to find what I need to make my home. My dream room is soft, elegant, and romantic. Most people think IKEA is only for people who like strict lines, minimal, and modern designs. But I've done my research and I know that once finances allow (which could be awhile) I can put together a room that feels classic and glamourous. Here let me show you!

Step 1: Find a Little INSPIRATION

This blanket and picture frame are a few of the only decorative things I brought with me. I want my room to mirror these simple and clean colors while also complimenting the ornate designs. If you like this look IKEA has a few items that can compliment or even replace these items. These Alvine Kvist duvet cover and pillow cases would work just as well or IKEA's Rosmarie FABRIC  in gray or white would make a great duvet cover, pillows, or window treatments. You might also want to sneak a peek at these elegant frames : The square Kvill frame and oval Kvill frame.

Step 2: Select the Right Furniture

The EDLAND series is the perfect set for the glamorous look I want to create. The curved legs of each piece feel almost baroque, which is not something most people expect to find at IKEA, and the dark gray is great for my simple color pallet.

Step 3: Nightstands

One or two? As a kid I put my bed against the wall and just used the floor or a windowsill as my nightstand. As an adult I feel that having two open sides of the bed with their own nightstand might be a little more practical. It's also more elegant to "frame" the bed with matching stands. Of course we can't talk about nightstands and forget to decide which lamps should grace the top of them so check out the next step!

Step 4: Think Curvy!

Light emitting objects, such as lamps, tend to attract a lot of attention. Be sure that these items not only carry out their intended purpose but are also the embodiment of the look you are going for. For this room we want the lamps to be literally light so they should be stainless steal, glass, crystal, or white in color and have sensual curves. This EKARP lamp is a great option.  If this is not quite what you are looking for remember you can buy a lamp kit and create your own lamp out of... well almost anything. IKEA has a wonderful selection of candle holders and vases that would be beautiful and quite charming as table lamps.

Step 5: Go Geek Chic

I am a huge fan of technology and have gizmos, gadgets, cables, and cords galore. Usually, figuring out how to store technology is one of the hardest aspects of creating an elegant yet functional room. This EDLAND piece is technically a dressing table which is why, with the right accessories, it will have more of a vanity feel than an office feel. If you need something smaller, prefer a desk, or would rather something in black then the LEKSVIK desk is a great alternative.

Step 6: Make Storage Fun and Functional

File boxes and hat boxes throughout the room can offer classy storage options. They aren't just storage... they are accessories and IKEA has SO many to choose from. This particular box is my top choice for this room but don't be afraid to mix and match a bit.

Step 7: Window Treatments

Layers are a good idea but don't over dress them. Remember in this type of room you want to keep things light. I'm going with simple dark gray curtains to block out unwanted light while sleeping. It is important that they tie back to let light in during the day. To soften things up and add texture I love this OFELIA blanket (not the throw) which I plan on cutting in half and sewing into panels that will hang behind the gray curtains.

Step 8: Choose a POP of Color

The great thing about black, white, and gray... it goes with everything. I used to love the idea of a black, white, and red room. Now I'm leaning more towards plumbs. Maybe next year I'll want orange, yellow, green, or pink... okay maybe not pink... but either way it is as simple as changing out a few accessories! The easiest way to work color into your room is with your sheets, pillows, throws, and rugs. 

Step 9: The Cherry on Top

Every room, regardless of style, should have a focal point. Just make sure whatever you choose compliments everything in your room instead of competing with it. Your focal point is almost an exaggeration of the look you are going for. Since I don't already have a light in place I feel this mini chandelier is the perfect focal point. It's small but makes a big statement.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Not the most romantic result I've seen with flat pack furniture assembly but you still deserve a bigup!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    First of all, I congratulate you start a new life in Los Angeles. Then, I want to say though your furniture are only a few, but they are very simple and practical.And the
    duvet cover is very beautiful.