Introduction: Create Music Using One Transistor

Hello every one

I am vignesh raja . Today i make some transistor trick here. It is simple project every one can try it. It uses minimal parts to build. The project is when we touch the piezo electric sensor the buzzer will activate by transistor. Depending upon your touch speed and contact of your finger with sensor the buzzer sound will vary. let us see the output in the video above and then we start the project build.

Step 1: Parts Required for the Project

Step 2: Circuit Diagram and Working of the Project

Get the detailed circuit connection from above image

Every one knows that transistor can be used as a switching device.

When the voltage present in base then the transistor gets ON. if not the transistor gets OFF.

The operation of the project when the we touch the piezo sensor then it will produce voltage. That voltage goes to base of the transistor. so the transistor get ON and conduct current flow through the buzzer to collector of the transistor and to emitter and goes ground. so the buzzer sounds.

If the piezo sensor is not touched then it doesn't produce any voltage and base of the transistor doesn't get any voltage . so the transistor gets OFF. so there is no current flow in buzzer. hence buzzer doesn't sounds.

i hope you like my project. Built it yourself and have fun. If you want say something about project comment it

Thank you for reading.