Introduction: Create Unique Shirts

Step 1: Materials

- Print of the subject you want on your shirt (Should not be too detailed.) - Adhesive tape - Piece of cardboard - Knife or ballpen (I prefer the knife, for it's much more exact, but ballpen is easier.) - scissors - chlorine based detergent in spray bottle - colored cotton shirt

Step 2: Tracing

Stick the print on the cardboard using the adhesive tape. Then stick the cardboard on the table and trace the outlines of your print with a ballpen or knife. Now take off the print and you see the outlines on the cardboard.

Step 3: Protect

Protect the back of your shirt, therefor put a piece of cardboard or newspaper in the shirt that will soak up the surplus detergent.

Step 4: Cut Out

Cut out your stencil and put it on the shirt. Remember, the detergent will bleach the shirt, so you have to cover up the parts you want to keep the color.

Step 5: Spray

Spray on the detergent (or spray on a sponge and apply on the shirt) and make sure, your stencil is very close to the shirt, so the detergent can't accidentally be sprayed under the stencil. You won't need very much detergent, so start with little and apply more later if needed. It will all bleed out, if you use too much. Remove the mask immediately after spraying! Otherwise it will soak up the detergent. Sometimes you might want that for an effect, like I did here. I tried to create a kind of graffiti image. Caution: Wear gloves while you spray!

Step 6: Dry

Blow dry with a hairdryer. You will see the detergent work very soon. It will stop working when everything is dry.

Step 7: Wash

Wash out the detergent, THEN wash the shirt! (It might still bleach out the other clothes in your washing machine!) Dry, wear, be proud of it :)

Step 8: Be Creative!

The more you practice, the better you get! I've spent weeks on bleaching shirts and still can't stop ;)