Introduction: Create Your Own RTS Board Game

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  A large black and white board, 3 foot by 2 foot, can be printed at Fedex-Kinkos for 75 cents a square foot.
  Army men can be used for playing pieces.  Dice, poker chips, and regular playing cards you can find around the house and small tanks complete the rest of the pieces needed.
  The .jpg image for the board and the basic rules are provided here. You can customize both to your preference. 
  This game will entertain kids and adults, 10 years and older.

   This is also available as a completed kit from tindie for $17.00 + shipping:

Step 1: Get a Print Out of the Board, Board Squares, and Game Play.

  This image can be sent to Fedex-Kinkos as a black and white engineering print.  The size of the print should be 3 foot by 2 foot and the cost should be 75cents a square foot x 6 square feet or $4.50 plus tax.  Feel free to modify this .jpg and change rules.

   Some of the board squares are rather self explanatory but for clarification, water squares can only be crossed at a bridge. 
   Mountains give the occupier 2 additional dice rolls when attacking or defending.
   When units hide they are are only visible when have attacked from the current position, or an enemy unit is adjacent to them.
   Units normally move 2 squares, unless they start their turn on a road square in which case they can move 5 road squares.
   Tanks can fire long range, and normally move 4 squares unless they are start their turn on a road square in which case they can move 6 road squares.

   Game play: 
        1) Movement phase, all players move all their units
        2) Attack phase
                 Each player rolls one dice for each unit that can diagonally or vertically engage 
                 Each 6 or 1 rolled means an enemy unit is killed.
                 This phase is repeated 3 times.  
                 A unit can choose to move 1 square in any direction instead of firing.
        3) Reinforcement phase
                  A single dice is rolled for each home base, barracks or armor factory that you control.
                  A 1 or 6 means that a new unit can start at the home base, barracks or armor factory that you control. 

Step 2: Optional Event Cards

  Start with a regular deck of cards.
      Write one of these events on each card
           1) Nuclear bomb.  Drop this on any board square.  6 dice damage at the point of attack, 3 dice damage on each adjacent square
           2) Smoke screen.  All units hide after movement.  None of your units can be seen or engage enemy units unless they are adjacent.
           3) First Strike.  When you attack this turn, roll first.  Remove any enemy units before they are able to return fire.
           4) Scout the enemy.  Add 1 additional dice in all your battles this turn.  
           5) Reinforcement.  1 long range unit is added to your home base
           6) Call for Fire.  Choose an enemy square, and roll a dice.  If a 1 or 6 is rolled the unit occupying the square is destroyed.
           7) Carpet bomb.  Choose a square group of 4 board squares.  Roll 4 dice.  1 unit is destroyed for each 1 or 6 rolled.

   Shuffle the deck.  When you fight a battle and win the battle (you have at least one unit remaining and the units that returned fire are dead), Select the top card from the deck (only once per turn).

Step 3: Types of Units

  There are 3 types of units.  Long range units can engage enemy units vertically, or horizontally across the entire board as long  as there is no blocking terrain and the enemy unit is not hiding.  Medium range can engage enemy units up to 4 square away vertically or horizontally as long as there is no blocking terrain, and units are not hiding.  Short range can only engage adjacent enemy units, and adjacent units cannot hide.

Step 4:

Forest squares give the occupier of the square an additional dice to roll when attacking or defending.  The also block the line of site of a unit attempting to see through them. 

Step 5: Armor Factory Squares

  Armor factory squares can create tank units, if you have claimed them by occupying them with one of your units.  In order to create a tank unit you must roll a 6 or a 1 during the reinforcement phase

Step 6: Also Available As a Completed Kit

  If assembling kits is not your thing, you can also purchase this as a completed kit for $17.00 + shipping from

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