Introduction: Creating Curved UI in Unity for Virtual Reality

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If your looking for a free and easy solution to create a curved user interface for your Virtual Reality Application or VR Game your at the right place. In this blog you will learn to create a curved ui element in unity using the Unity UI Extensions. This is not as fancy as the other paid assets available but works really well for static curved UI elements.

Step 1: Download the Unity UI Extensions Package

Download the Unity UI Extensions package form the link. Once you’ve downloaded the package, import it to your project. Now, when you right click on the hierarchy you can see a new option called “Extensions” under ui.

Step 2: Add an UI Element

Add the UI element that you want to bend. It can be an Image, a button or even a Text.

Step 3: Add Curly UI Component

Select the UI element and in the inspector click add component and search for “curly”. You will find three components “Curly UI Graphic”, “Curly UI Image” and “Curly UI Text”.Use Curly UI Graphic for Raw Image, Curly UI Image for Image and Curly UI Text for Text. Simply add the component for your UI element.

Step 4: Bend the UI Element

Once you add the component you can see two new Child object called “BottomRefCurve” and “TopRefCurve” created under your UI element. By adjusting the control points, you can bend the ui elements to your will.