Creating Files Using Windows DOS Commands




Introduction: Creating Files Using Windows DOS Commands

This will teach you how to use some basic Windows DOS commands. We will navigate to our desktop, create a folder, and create a file within that folder.

Step 1: Click Start.

Step 2: In the Search Box Type Cmd.

Step 3: Press Enter

This will open your command line prompt. It will usually look like a big black or white box with a blinking cursor inside.

Step 4: Type- Dir Then Press Enter

This will display all the directories (folders at your current directory level). Normally your computer starts you at the user level. Look through the list, desktop should be listed, if it is not feel free to use a different folder in the following steps.

Step 5: Type- Cd Desktop and Press Enter

The cd (change directory) command is how we navigate to different directories (folders) in in our command line prompts. Your command line should now say desktop before your cursor. We are now ready to create another folder.

Step 6: Type- Mkdir YourName Then Press Enter

You can put your own name, or whatever you would like to name your new folder in place of YourName.

mkdir is the make directory command. After pressing enter, we can now check if we have succeeded.

Step 7: Minimize Your Command Prompt

Step 8: Navigate Back to Your Desktop to See Your Newly Created Folder.

Step 9: Return to Your Command Line Prompt

Step 10: Type- Cd YourName Then Press Enter

This will move you into the directory you just created.

Step 11: Type Notepad YourName.txt Then Press Enter

If prompted to create a new notepad file select yes.

This will open a new notepad file.

Step 12: In the Notepad File Type This Is My First File Created Using Command Line Prompts.

Step 13: Click File Then Save.

Step 14: Close the Notepad File and Return to the Command Line Prompt.

Step 15: Type- Type Yourname.txt

This will display what is written in the file you created.

Step 16: Congratulations! You Have Learned Some of the Basic Windows DOS Commands!

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Question 1 year ago on Step 11

How to create a file of another type


2 years ago

I have followed your steps regarding up to step-9 very well. after step I have tried lot that which is misunderstanding "Type Notepad your name.please me proper direction.

4 years ago

Thanks for the refresher. It's been a moment since I tried to do this. By moment, I mean decades. :)