Introduction: Creating Larger YouTube Thumbnails for Facebook (v4.30)

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Hi Everyone

Thank you all for using this web tool for creating larger youtube thumbnails for facebook and making it a huge success. I cant believe that in such a short period of time there has been more than 3 hundred thousand conversions done using this website. Thank you all for your support.

Now, I am really happy to release version 4.30.... Using this new version you can now have your own preferred Title, Domain name and Thumbnail for your video.

So lets see how it works.

- Copy your YouTube URL and paste it in the URL section of the website.

- You can choose if you want a play button on your video or display the thumbnail without the play button. The simple difference is that if you select your video to have a play button it will play it in facebook post, otherwise it will open up in a new window and then play.

- You can also hide your video from the resent conversion history by selecting this option.

- Once you have made a choice just hit the "Generate Thumbnail" button to generate the bigger thumbnail (Once you hit the generate button the app takes a while to generate the bigger thumbnail. So, please be patient.

- Once the video is converted the preview and the custom URL will be displayed to you) - In this new version the Title, Domain name are also displayed in this section.

- You can change the Title of the video by entering details in this text box

- To display a custom domain you can change the domain name here

- If you want to change the thumbnail you can copy and paste a imgur image url in here and then click on the "Change Image" button to update the thumbnail.

- Once you are all set just click on the "Facebook Share" button to post it on your page. Thats it guys

Now, Several people have asked me if their views get counted or not, the simple answer is yes. The view may not add up instantaneously but it will add up in a day or two. People have also asked me if they get paid for their video adverts. The answer is again yes. I don't get paid for your video mate. I only get paid if you click on the adds on my page. That's pretty much it.

And before I finish, I just want to let you guys know that I am developing few more web tools to help you grow your YouTube audience. Just to give you guys a taste of it, I am developing :

1. Web Tool to gain subscribers.

2. Web Tool to gain more views for your YouTube videos.

3. Tool to download YouTube videos and many many more.. So just stay tuned.

Do comment and let me know if you need me to improve or add new features to this. Thanks again

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