Creating PVC Letters

Introduction: Creating PVC Letters

This instructable describes how to create a H and an R using 0.5 inch PVC pipe. 

Step 1: Plan Out the Design for Each Letter

A design is very helpful to have before begining the building processs. For these letters i drew out each letter and labeled which connectors would go where, and how long each pvc pipe would be. 

Step 2: Cut PVC to Desired Length

To get the PVC cut to the desired length i began by making a mark on the PVC pipe where i would like it to be cut. i made the mark using a red expo marker so that i could easily see where i needed to cut it. I then used a set of PVC cutters to begin cutting the PVC directly on the mark. This allows each piece of PVC to be the exact length needed, and allows the assembly of the pieces to be very easy.

Step 3: Gather Materials Needed

To create each letter i used:
H- 4 4inch PVC pipes
-1 3inch PVC pipe
-2 T connectors

R- 4 2inch PVC pipes
-1 2.5 inch PVC pipe
- 2 5inch PVC pipes
- 1 4.5 inch PVC pipe
-1 3.75 inch PVC pipe
-2 90degree elbow connectors
-3 45degree connectors
-2 T connectors

Step 4: Begin Assembling the First Letter

to begin assembling the H i first took one of the 4 inch PVC pipes and placed it into the T connector. I then took another 4 inch pipe and placed it into the other side of the connector. I then placed the 3 inch pipe into the connector to connect both T connectors. Lastly, i placed the remaining 4 inch pipes into the empty holes in the T connector to create a PVC letter that looks like an upper case H.

Step 5: Begin Assembling Second Letter

to assemble the R i first began by placing 1 3.75 inch PVC pipe into a 90degree elbow connector. i then placed a 5 inch PVC pipe into the other hole in the same connector. at the end of the 5 inch pipe i placed another 90 degree connector. below that connector i placed a 2 inch pipe, that connects to a 45 degree connector. at the end of that connector i placed another 2 inch pipe that connects to another 45 degree the end of that connector i placed another 2 inch pipe, but this piece connects to one side of a T connector. on the other end of the T connector i placed a 2.5 inch piece that connects to another T connector connecting to the beginning 3.75 inch piece.

Step 6: Final Product

Each letter is exactly how it was planned out and clearly looks like the uppercase letter that it should look like.

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