Introduction: Creating Your Very Own Unique Envelope

Making a paper envelope is really fun and it provides a way of sending a personalized letter in the mail. When making your own paper envelope, you have a huge opportunity to choose any size, shape, color and texture of paper you want. It also shows to your receiver that you put time and effort to send them something special. Here are few steps on how to create an origami style envelope of your own.

Materials needed:

  • One square piece of Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape (optional)
  • Ruler

Step 1:

Gather the desired paper of any color, texture or size needed for your envelope. If the paper is not square you will need to measure using a standard ruler and cut the paper so that it’s square. An easy way of doing this is to fold a corner down horizontally and trace a cutting line using a ruler and pen.

Step 2:

After cutting the paper into a square shape, place it on a flat surface so that the bottom left and right corner form a perfect horizontal line.

Step 3:

Begin folding the upper right corner diagonally down to the bottom left corner. Unfold and repeat bringing the top left corner down to the bottom right corner. Repeat both folds until there is a clear X crease in the center of the paper.

Step 4:

Adjust the paper so that the bottom right corner is vertically in line with the top left corner. Now take the bottom corner of the paper and fold it upward until it meets the clear X crease in the center of the paper. Keep the bottom point folded up to the center crease. Also make sure that the sides line up evenly after folding.

Step 5:

Fold the flattened bottom up along the center crease line. The paper should now resemble a triangle shape. You should have a perfect outer edge on each side of the triangle.

Step 6:

Fold the left bottom corner toward the center with the tip overlapping the center crease.

Step 7:

Repeat step 6 with the right side corner of the triangle, with the right side overlapping the left and again going across the center crease. After doing that, you can use small piece of clear tape to secure the right and left loose side on the bottom. Make sure not to tape the overlapping center.

Step 8:

Fold back the right overlapping tip starting at the center crease. Now use your finger or the tip of a pen or pencil to gently open the folded corner and press the center flat. The tip should now be diamond shaped with the small tip inline with the center of the envelope crease.

Step 9:

Fold the top edge of the triangle downward to have a perfect envelope shape. Make sure that all corners are a perfectly angled.

Step 10:

Now that your envelope is done and well put together, insert the top edge corner into the small opening created in step 8.

Step 11: Conclusion to Project

To conclude, useful guide and steps were provided for anyone to be able to make a paper envelope; not to forget also what materials were needed to do so. Running out of envelopes or being at home with your family not knowing what to do for fun can be boring.

Making Origami envelopes is a good way to spend some time with family and friends while having fun. Also, mailing letters or thank you cards to loved ones shows that you love them by putting time to make something special.