Creating a 2 Tier Boat Rack for 3 Canoes With Fasteners

Introduction: Creating a 2 Tier Boat Rack for 3 Canoes With Fasteners

In this instructable I'm going to guide you in building a canoe rack that holds an Old Town Canoe, and two Kayaks. Although this was designed specifically for those vessels in mind, it should fit most boats and with some slight adjustments it should fit more than most.

Step 1: PrePlan

It's best with any venture to have a map of where your going and this project is no exception to that rule.

I used a free modeling program called Blender in order to make a model of the final product. This allowed me to design it in its entirety without the arduous process of trial and error or that of drawing.

With 3d modeling, Lumber supports could be printed with a 3d printer on the job site and used accordingly. This would be very useful in locations where going to the store is not an option and would save millions of dollars on transportation and has the possibility the world. 

I will not be teaching you how to model in this instructable, but if you feel inclined to do so I'd suggest running an internet search on it. Not only will learning how to use a 3d modeling software be important in designing schematics but is increasingly becoming part of the building process as well.

Step 2: Shopping List

I've attached a shopping list if you decide to build the thing.

The can be found at most hardware stores, although they may be shaped differently they have similar concepts.

I got mine at Lowes.

Step 3: The Guide

Here's an easy to follow guide.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Anyone else getting "403 error" when trying to download the attached word docs?