Introduction: Creating a Coffee Mug Using Fusion 360: One of the Simplest Things to Do!

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Fusion is something anyone can use to make anything, so did I. What can be more common that a coffee mug? Follow the screencast to see how I did it or just follow these steps.

Step 1: Creating the Body

  • Create a cylinder
    1. Diameter= 60mm
    2. Height= 40mm
  • Create a sketch on a lateral side using any of the central planes as the sketch plane
  • Create a sketch on the top side

  • Use Loft and join the part

  • Use shell to make it hollow (Inside: 2mm)

Step 2: Creating the Handle

  • Create a profile of the handle on the other side of the plane you used for creating the mouth, Sketch the geometry using "Spline" Command

  • Create a construction plane to the opposite side of the plane you used for creating the mouth (offset= half the diameter= 30mm)
  • Create two circles on this construction plane at two ends of the spline
  • Use loft command to make the handle and join it to the body

Step 3: Giving It a Nice Look

  • Add Physical material (Porcelain)
  • Add Appearance to the body and the faces (Time to use your creativity!)
  • Add decals of your choice, the decals I used are:
    • Autodesk
    • Fusion 360
    • Instructables
    • Even my own picture ;)
  • Edit some scene settings
  • Change the environment

Step 4: Get the Rendering and Share Them!

Save the file and it'll automatically start rendering.

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