Introduction: Creating a Custom Language Resourcepack for Minecraft 1.8

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Hello there! Today, I am going to teach you how to easily create your own language for Minecraft 1.8.

Step 1: Install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Do what the title says. The program cannot run without it!

Step 2: Installing the Programs #1

Goto and click on "Minecraft Downloads"

Step 3: Installing the Program #2

Scroll down untill you see "RLPM - Resource Language Pack Maker ( Minecraft 1.8 )". Click on the light green text and begin downloading the program. Don't worry - It's only 255 KB, very small in size!

Step 4: Starting a New Language

Click on the "New" button, and type in the resouce pack's Name, Description, and the Region.

Step 5: Searching for a Language Property

First, type in what you want to search for here. In this case, we're searching for the "Singleplayer" text. What you're searching for should be in all lowercase.

Next, Click on the radiobutton (circular thingy) that says "Search from anywhere in the text". That'll search for your keyword anywhere in the text. Then click SEARCH.

Step 6: Results

You should get a list of results. In this case, Singleplayer is only mentioned once, so we get one result. Copy the language property ( in this case, "menu.singleplayer" ) and head on over to the next step.

Step 7: The Language Property Editor

Here is where we do the language editing.

I'll describe all the buttons and stuff. If you don't want to hear about those, then goto the next step.

The textboxes are for the items that are being edited.

In the Language Property textbox, you would paste the language property you would like to edit.

In the Value textbox, the value of the language property pasted would get put in.

The "Get Default Value" button would get what the language property is normally set to in the English language.

The "Set Value" button would set the language property to the value specified.

The :Get The Value You Set" button would get the value you set to the specific language property.

Step 8: Edit the Language Property

Go ahead and paste in your language property in the first textbox. Press the "Get the Default Value" button once completed.

Then, in the Value textbox, there should be what it is normally set to. Type in what you want for the value to be instead, and hit "Set Value".

Step 9: Saving Your Resource Pack.

Just click the "Create Resource Pack" button. It automatically saves your language to your resource packs, so you can start using it right away!

Step 10: Using the Resource Pack

You want to head over into Options and Resource Packs. Then, click on the resource pack that you have made. It should be named by the language you desired. Then go ahead and start using it. But your not done yet!!!

Step 11: Using the Language

Go into your languages and select the language that you created.

Once you do that, click "Done" and everything is completed, you have made your own language. Don't forget to favorite me! Also, RLPM is made by me.