Introduction: Creating a Lego House to Hide USB

Are you tired of losing your USB or it being stolen? Are you constantly bored by your bland USB? Protect your data with this neat hiding spot. This easy to build lego house will let you hide your data in plain sight and/or have an awesome looking USB and it takes less than 30 minutes to build. This house also has plenty of other storage space to hide anything else you want.

Colors are entirely up to you and the whole building is easy to customize. If you do not have all the specific pieces I list below, don't worry, as long as you follow the basic shape I lay out, you can use which ever pieces you have available.

Materials (measurement done by the nobs on the top of the legos):
4-6 flat 4x10
0-1 flat 4x12
0-1 flat 6x6
0-1 flat 4x6
0-1 flat 2x4
2 2x6
16 2x4
4 2x3
3 2x5
19-25 2x2
0-2 2x2 height 3
2 1x2
1 1x1
1 1x8
2 1x6
3 1x4
1 1x3
1 lego door 4 wide and 5 bricks high
1 lego window 4 wide and 3 bricks high
1 lego USB (can be bought here

Step 1: Foundation

1. Take two of the flat 4x10(A and B) pieces and lay them side by side so the long sides touch. Attach them at the center using the lego USB(C). Place another 4x10(D) piece flush against the piece on the right.

2. Place a 2x4(E and F) on each short edge of A then on place a 2x4(G) and a 2x2(H) along the long side not touching B

3. Place a 2x6 piece (I), so that it connects B and D together and is flush with E. Add a 2x2 piece(J) at the end of I

4. Now on the side place two 2x3 pieces(K and L) opposite of I. Place a 2x4 piece(M) opposite of J, so that it points towards the center.

5. Add the door into the gap between J and M

Step 2: Second Level

1. Now that your base is set, pull the USB apart so the foundation is in two pieces. This will keep you from accidentally connecting the two sides.

2. On the small side, place a 2x10(N) on the long side and add a 2x2 piece(O and P) to each side to complete the second layer.

3. On the large side, place a 2x2(Q) and a 2x6(R) on the same side as I and J, but have Q be on the opposite side of J.

4. On the other side, place a 2x4(S) next to the door, then a 2x4(T) and a 2x2(U) to complete the level

Step 3: Third Level

1. On the small side, once again place a 2x10(V) on the long edge and a 2x2(W and X) on each side to complete the level.

2. On the large side place two 2x4(Y and Z) pieces on the smaller wall.

3. On the larger wall, place a 2x4(a) next to the door, then place then window next to a.

4. Finish the level with a 2x2(b) on the other side of the window.

Step 4: Fourth Level

1. On the small side, place a 2x4(c and d) on each of the short edges, then fill the long edge with a 2x2(e) and a 2x4(f).

2. On the large side, place two 2x3(g and h) and a 2x2(i) along the small wall.

3. On the large wall, place a 2x4(j) next to the door and a 2x2(k) on the other side of the window.

Step 5: Fifth Level

1. On the small side, place a 2x10(l) along the long wall and a 2x2(m and n) on each side.

2. On the large side, place two 2x4 pieces(o and p) on the small wall.

3. On the large wall, place a 2x4(q) next to the door and a 2x2(r) on the other side of the window

Step 6: Sixth Level

1. On the small side, place a 1x4(s and t) on each short edge and fill the long side with a 1x6(u) and a 1x2(v)

2. On the large side, place a 1x1(w) and a 1x6(x) on the small wall. Place another 1x8(y), so it goes over the door and is flush with x.

3. Then place 1x2(z) next to y. Fill the remaining space with a 1x4(!) and a 1x3(&)

Step 7: Roof

This piece can be replaced by two 4x10 pieces

1. Place the flat 6x6 piece next to the 4x6 so that the long sides are flush.

2. Connect them with a flat 2x4 piece, so that it sticks out to create a 1x2 piece

3. Connect this to the flat 4x12 piece.

Step 8: Finishing It All Up

1. Stack five 2x2 pieces on top of each side of the USB (I had two 2x2 pieces that were three tall, but those are hard to find, so this is an easy fix)

2. Place a 4x10 on top of the small side and place the roof piece you create on the large side with the 4x12 piece over the door (or use two 4x10 pieces)

3. Add any accessories you want to create your own personal design. Have some fun with it! (The goofier it is, the less likely people are to think it's hiding something)