Introduction: Creating a Slideshow With Windows Movie Maker

Hello! This guide will show you how to create a basic picture slideshow and adding a title using Windows Movie Maker!

I will make a slideshow using pictures of my cats and explain each part of the process.

Before beginning, please have these items prepared.

-Make sure computer or laptop is using Windows 10

-A computer mouse (recommended)

-A file already setup with the pictures to be used in the slideshow

Step 1: Finding Movie Maker Part 1

Don't know where or how to find Movie Maker? No problem!

With your mouse left click the windows icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Finding Movie Maker Part 2

With the mouse, left click the "all apps".

Step 3: Finding Movie Maker Part 3

From there a list will appear with all the the apps organized in alphabetical order. Go through the list until the apps that begin with M appear. Once you have found Movie Maker open the app.

Step 4: Adding the Pictures

When Movie Maker opens up it will look like this. From there click on "add photos and videos" from the menu at the top. Another window will appear to select which photo to add. It is possible to add more than one picture at a time as shown in the picture. Note: if you are adding two or more pictures at the same time, the order they are loaded is setup by how they are organized in the file. After adding the pictures you want be sure to save your work.

Step 5: Creating a Title

Last thing to do is add a title to the slideshow which is at the top in the same area where "add videos and photos" is. . When adding a title be sure the first picture is selected when you click the title option so the title will go before everything else. After adding some text into the title box the slideshow is ready to watch!

Step 6: