Introduction: Creating a Throw Pillow Design for Use With a Cricut Cutting Machine

This instructable will walk you through how to design and create a monogrammed throw pillow using your Cricut! This tutorial was made for users who have some basic knowledge and experience using the Cricut and Cricut Design Space software.


Cricut (I use the Explore Air)

Cell phone, IPad or computer where you can a

2 colors of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV- I prefer the brand Siser Easyweed)

Heat Press or Iron

Teflon sheet if using heat press or parchment paper if using an iron

Throw Pillow case (I buy mine from Ikea in sizes 20"x20")

Step 1: Step 1: Create Your Design Using Cricut Design Space-Frame

In this first step, you will need to download the Cricut design space app on your phone or iPad. Once you have the app downloaded and an account set up, you will need to click "new project" and select "image" at the bottom left of the toolbar. Type "frame flourish" in the search bar and scroll until you see the one that looks like the image above. You may select any frame/border you choose if you'd like! Click "insert" at the bottom right to put the frame onto your canvas. Size your frame to 11"x11" using the edit button at the bottom of your toolbar.

Step 2: Step 2: Create Your Design Using Cricut Design Space-Text

Next, you are going to select the text and type the first letter of the last name that you are using. I have chosen the capital letter "B" using Times New Roman Font. Size this letter to about 5.4"x6" height. Make sure that your capital letter and your frame are the same color. I have chosen to make mine white. Line the capital letter inside the frame and click "actions" and "attach" when you are ready. This will group the two layers as one. Next, you are going to select text again and type in the last name that you plan on using. I used the name "Brummett" in a font called Quarter Note. I sized it to where I wanted it and made the color black, so it would stand out across the capital initial inside the frame.

Step 3: Step 3: Cutting Out Your Design

When you are ready, you are going to select "make it" and send your design to your Cricut. Make sure you change the setting to "mirror on" since we will be using iron on vinyl. When you place your vinyl on the mat, make sure the shiny side is down. When you are ready and your machine is set up, click "continue" to start cutting. Since you are using two colors, you will need to peel away the first design and apply the second color of vinyl to your mat in order to proceed.

Step 4: Step 4: Weeding Your Design

After both of your designs are cut out, you are going to begin removing the excess vinyl that you don't need. This process is called "weeding." Start at one corner and peel away your vinyl. The design will stay put on the sticky carrier sheet.

Step 5: Step 5- Ironing on Your Design

When your design is all peeled out and ready to place onto your pillow, you want to start heating up either your heat press or your iron. If you use a heat press, set the temperature to 325 degrees and make sure you have a teflon sheet handy. If you are using your iron, make sure it is not a steam iron and set it to the highest setting. Make sure you have a piece of parchment paper, not wax paper! Lay down the frame and capital initial page first and iron down. Then, peel the carrier sheet away and lay down the last name layer to iron on top of your design. Peel the carrier sheet away and iron once more.