Introduction: Creating a Walkable Virtual World: UNITY + Meshmixer

I took on this project with zero experience in game design and I learned everything through YouTube videos.

I have watched hundreds of videos and I am sharing all the videos and resources that have helped me to make this project possible.

So hopefully this instrutable will help you get a good grasp of the basics quick and easy.

Step 1: First Things First: Explore the World I've Created!

Stuck in quarantine? Take a break. Go on a walk. Enjoy.

Step 2: Learning MESHMIXER to Create Sculptural Pieces

Meshmixer is a free and easy way to play with 3D meshes. There are so many possibilities and it feels very much like sculpting in the real world. This is how I made my hand-trees.

Step 3: Learning UNITY to Create a Basic World

Video: Check out how Unity looks and feels like at an entry level

Things to learn:

- Creating ground plane

- Importing objects

- Playing with setting (sun, sky, and fog)

- How game object works (colliders)

- Add sound

Step 4: UNITY: Import First Person Controller to Move Around

For my project, I downloaded the file from Github and just dragged it into Unity. It works perfectly.

Video: Getting a really good First Person Controller

Step 5: UNITY Export to WEBGL and Share Via Url Link!

Once your world has been created and the game works in the preview, it is time to export and share!

This video shows an easy way to upload your WEBGL game export and share via a url link.