Introduction: Creating a Brand New ZX Spectrum Using a Netbook Pc

My first computer was a ZX Spectrum. Back in the 80's I enjoyed hours of game play and
learned how to program in BASIC language.

Today the ZX spectrum can be emulated using emulators that run on the PC.

I had an idea to use a netbook computer and "transform" it into a ZX spectrum

Here is what you need :

a LG netbook PC running windows 7 (or a similar netbook PC)
Image of the ZX spectrum keyboard printed on A4 photo paper
ZX spectrum emulator software : Spectaculator

On the emulator the shift key is emulated by the left shift and the symbol shift
is emulated by the right shift.

In order to have a high quality ZX spectrum keyboard keys I used a A4 glossy photo paper
and print on it the ZX spectrum keyboard image.
Then I cut each button and glued it on the netbook keyboard at the right place.
When printing the keyboard image, make sure your printer settings are set to the highest print quality.

You can use the attached ZX spectrum keyboard image for the print.

I chose the Spectaculator emulator software over other emulators because it is the most accurate ZX spectrum emulator
available today.
Installing the Spectaculator emulator is straight forward. Just install the software and
you are ready to go.
If you want the emulator to start when windows starts just put the shortcut to the emulator inside the startup folder of the taskbar.

The result was amazing. Just like a real ZX Spectrum !!
And fully functional !