Introduction: Creating an Internet Bridge Connection for XBoxLive

Yes, the new XBox360 Slim is out, but there's still a lot of gamers who have yet to follow the Slim Bandwagon for many reasons. One, they want to keep things old school and fingerprint free with the discontinued, white and black matted XBox360s and two, what was once a hefty budget is now a not so hefty budget, so they do everything they can to save a little green.

Green is good, my friends, especially since these steps will save you from buying another one of those sometimes pesky wireless internet adapters.

Now, before we begin, let me clarify that this instructable is for creating an Internet Bridge Connection for gamers with Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems on a laptop. I'm not sure if it'll work on a regular PC, but it wouldn't hurt to try it. If you're still using Windows XP, I suggest hopping over to walamoonbeam's instructable, where he offers the same, basic principle, starting from the beginning.

Edit: Walamoonbeam has also added instructions on how to use a Mac as a wireless adapter.

Before diving into this instructable, make sure your XBox360 is connected to your laptop via ethernet cable and your Xbox is on.

Here we go....

Step 1: Open Your Network Connections

Skip this step if you already know how to get to your Network Connections.

Opening your network connections should be some what similar between Vista and Windows 7. If there are any differences, those, of course, will be updated.

Opening your network connections:
1. Click the Window Icon at the bottom, left corner of your screen (start button)
2. Click on Control Panel on the right side of the start menu
3. Click on Network and Internet
4. On the left side of the window, click Manage Network Connections

Now, you should have a box that has various connections, only two of these are important; Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection .

Step 2: Configure Wireless Netork Settings

Now that you have the Network Connections window open, it's time to make sure you set your wireless network to a specific, yet simple setting.

1. Right-click your Wireless Network Connection and select Properties
2. Another window will open with two tabs up top (Networking ad Sharing). Select the Sharing tab.
3. There are two sharing options, both with boxes next to them. Make sure both boxes are unchecked .
4. Click OK to continue

Step 3: Creating an Internet Bridge Connection

Now, you see that Local Area Connection there? Great! It's now time to bridge it with your Wireless Network Connection .

First, you need to disable your Local Area Connection . Right click on Local Area Connection and select Disable . Wait until the status of the Local Area Connection says Disabled before moving on.

1. Click Local Area Connection so that it's highlighted
2. CTRL + Click on Wireless Network Connection
3. Right click on either selection to bring up the menu box.
4. Click Bridge Connections and follow any steps/commands/prompts that appear.

Bridging Complete!

Now, it's time to test it!

Configure your internet/network settings on the XBox and then test the connection. If it fails to connect, you may have to restart your Wireless Router. Most newer routers have a reset/refresh button, others rely on the good ol' unplugging method. If you unplug the router, wait about 20 seconds before plugging it back in.

Now, test your connection again. Did it work? Voila! Now you can defeat hordes of zombies and protect the earth from destruction on XBoxLive.

If you're still having problems with your connection, your Firewall might be preventing the bridge connection. Allow your bridge connection and try again.