Introduction: Creating an Out of This World Watermelon Costume

Materials you will need:

1. Pink, Green, Black, and White Fabric
2. 1 Box cutter
3. 1 cardboard box
4. 1 Adhesive Spray
5. Hot glue gun 
6. Headband
7. 1 foam
8. Stick-on rhinestones
9. Pink wig

Total cost: $35

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard Box

The first step is to get a large cardboard box. Some places will give you a cardboard box for free. I actually went to Staples and saw that there was a large box that wasn't for sale. This was a box that was used to hold other items that were shipped to the store. I informed the worker that I would like to purchase the box, they told me that it wasn't necessary and would give it to me for free. Once I brought the box home, I first drew an outline of a triangle. I used box cutters and cut along the lines that I had drawn.

Step 2: Taping the Box Together

After cutting the box and bending the sides to form a triangular shape, I used large packaging tape to secure the box into a triangle. I also cut holes on the side for my arms and another hole on the top for my head. I also cut the bottom for my feet.

Step 3: Sticking the Fabric Onto the Box

I gathered the pink fabric and used adhesive spray to stick the fabric onto the box. You can purchase the adhesive spray at Jo Ann's, Michael's, Home Depot, and just about any craft store. 

After applying the pink fabric, I layered the green fabric on top of it.

Step 4: Applying the Seeds

I then cut black fabric and shaped them as the seeds of the watermelon. I used the adhesive spray to stick it onto the existing material.

Step 5: Applying the White Fabric and Other Bling

The last layer of fabric to apply is the white part of the watermelon, which is called the watermelon rind. I found it better to use a hot glue gun to precisely place the white fabric on top of the green and pink material. To add shine, I purchased stick-on rhinestones to add a more "bling bling" effect.

Step 6: Creating the Headpiece

I used one of my old headbands and gathered the left over material and used a hot glue gun to cover the headband with the pink fabric. I grabbed a circular foam piece and cut it into a shape of a sliced watermelon. I then used the spray adhesive to stick fabric onto the foam. Lastly, I used the hot glue gun to attach the watermelon foam piece onto the headband.

Step 7: What to Do With Left Over Fabric

With the left over fabric, I wrapped the green material around my ankles and pink around my wrists. The last touch is the hot pink wig. 

Step 8: Joining Other Fruits

This costume looks amazing, especially when you find others who are dressed up as fruits. You will all look like a fruit salad. This also looks cool standing next to someone dressed as the Hamburglar. :D

The best part of wearing this costume is feeling like a celebrity because everyone wants to take a picture with you. ;)

Step 9:

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