Introduction: Creating an Attachable Stencil Attachment for a Spray Can.

Graffiti however cool it may be, is frowned upon by the man, so if you do decided to display your artwork publicly or spruce up the boring neighborhood you should do it in a way that's easy, quick, and simple. That's where my invention comes into play.

Step 1: Welcome

Welcome to the brand new world of 3d printed stencils.
     By printing your stencils via a 3d printing service instead of cutting them out laboriously like some dolt, you can have razor sharp edges and a wide range of designs. Plus the stencils you produce will be strong, sturdy and dam impressive.     

What the spray can stencil attachment will allow is for you to take your artwork to a whole new level, via 3d printing and a free modeling program called blender.

Step 2: Doubletake

If you haven't looked at my other instructables yet, I urge you to do so because you'll find many links explaining how to use blender.

I've attached a model of a simple spray can if you would like to follow along.

It will allow you to make your own design that you can get printed if you'd like, because the concept is fairly simple.

Step 3: Steps

I've taken a few screenshots of the modeling process.

Basically what you need to do is to create a frame that can support the stencil.

You can either copy what I did, or make it your own.

Step 4: The Stencil

Next you will be needing a stencil that you want to make.

I have chosen this an image of Gir as mine.

You can do one of two things.

Either you can put it as a background image, or apply it as a texture, (sizing is required). Either way should work fine, because you should be working with a singular plane that's highly subdivided, so you can easily extrude it to the desired thickness later, which happens in this case to be .1cm.

You need to make the areas where the paint will pass void of material, this can be accomplished by moving vertices and deleting edges. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Step 5: Thats It.

I've attached the final blend, so you can look at it as well as each part separately as an .stl file, which are all printable.

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