Introduction: Creating Fun Ideas Using Foam Based Interlocking Play Mats - Comfortable Desktop Pad

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I found these interlocking floor mats made out of light foam from Costco lying around my apartment unused. I had been using them on and off for putting them down on the floor if I am working on the ground and they have been quite useful.

I realized they could have other purposes and one such application is using it as a comfortable desktop pad. The idea came when I was typing with the old layout with keyboard on a hardtop table and I found that during extended periods of typing my wrist would feel the hardness of the worktop. I initially thought about buying those padded liners that sit right under your wrist but then came up with this idea. I am writing this project on my new desktop pad and it feels great!

Total time - 20 mins.

Here are the steps (very simple)

Step 1: Take One Colored Foam Mat and Cut to Size

Use a sharp knife/craft knife to cut the foam, make sure you have an underlying plastic protection as you dont want to damage your table. Mark out the foam board to size and then cut, take your time.

For my cut all I needed was to cut the front facing portion that will be directly glued to the bigger table piece.

Step 2: Take a Colored Foam Mat and Then Prepare to Cut to Size

Take any super-glue and stick the ends as shown. Here I have reinforced the joint with the smaller pieces that I cut away around the edges (interlocking pieces). You will see that they became very useful for this purpose. Remember super-glue will stick to your skin so I suggest you use some disposable gloves unless you are really careful.

Also the thing sticks like crazy within seconds, thats the beauty of this foam board.

Step 3: Finished Product Shown With Front Edge Cut to a Curve

In the finished product I have cut the front facing strip with a bevelled edge. I don't know about other folks but I like to cross my legs when I sit on my comfy chair and the edge of the strip touches my knee, in any case it looks nice!

After using it for a short while I must say, it did the job but now I have to worry about the padding on my office chair that is causing my poor elbow some undue hardness when I rest on it!

Have fun and enjoy1

Step 4: