Introduction: Creating Paper Creatures/people

About: I am a longtime builder of stuff made from everything i can find which i want to show everyone here.

Back in 3rd grade our teacher assigned our class and assignment to make a monster from certain guidelines (like mine was 7 eyes). This gave me an idea many years later to make my own characters from 3d shapes.I tried this out and found that its very fun to think of new people/creatures. The first guy i have made in like a year was the black knight and i'll show you how i did it.

Step 1: Necessary Items

Things you'll need
-Pipe Cleaners
-Markers/color pencils/crayons
-Other arts and craft items

Step 2: Making the Template

First you'll need your template for your body shape.(I used a octahedron) if you are looking for another shape just look 3d shape nets on google and you'll find plenty.  I wanted a bigger character so i made my template to be A LOT bigger than the shape actually was. Once i cut that out and made sure the thing actually fit together i marked the side i wanted my face to be on.

Step 3: Color and Decorate

Once i marked the sides I wanted my face to be on i flattened the template back out and started designing. This is the time you'll have the most freedom to do what you'll want. I used one shape but you could make a full character out of nothing but shapes. I suggest making the holes for the arms and legs before its all together because its hard to put them in after he is assembled. For the arms and legs i used pipe cleaners but don't be afraid to try something new. Once i fully assembled him I made him a little sword from paper, tape, and paperclips.( Assembly was kinda hard to do since its just regular computer paper so if you make this then I suggest using cardstock or somehow reinforcing it, but for the time being I'll put tape on my edges.

Step 4: Make Multiple People

I was so impressed with my first guy i had to make an enemy for my knight to fight so i made  a little monster which in my mind is even more awesome than the actual knight.

Step 5: Apply It to the Classroom

For a class have people group up and then make a short story to give another element to focus on and then put all characters with their stories together and then put them on display. 

If you wanted too you could also apply this to math by having kids explain what their shape was, and then have them explain what made their shape be what its called.