Creating the Keyterpiller

Introduction: Creating the Keyterpiller

The Keyterpiller is the result of me doing nothing all weekend and at the last second realising i'll have wasted my weekend if i dont make something soon. A quick instructables search for Keyboards, something i had lying around at the time, turned up nothing. Realising i had to think for myself i curled up in the corner and died. JUST KIDDING, could you imagine if i was like that.

P.S. sorry for the bad pictures my camera decided against macro.

Step 1: Materials

This has fairly simple materials
Tools: Hot glue gun
            Soldering iron (optional)

Materials: Keyboard Keys
                   Wire (coat hanger=too thick, LED leg=too thin)
                   2 1.5v button cells (if making glowing one)
                   LED's (if making glowing one)

Step 2: Preparing the Keys

This is fairly easy. I just used a pair of needle nose pliers to break the insides of the key and then twisted them off and out.

Step 3: Create Its Spine

I used a soldering iron to burn holes in each end of the keys to thread the wire through but a drill is most suitable. Simply thread the wire through, bend it towards the bottom and hot-glue it in place

Step 4: Batteries-LED's

I just masking taped the two batteries together and put a small rubber band around it but if you have a battery snap then good for you.
In its head i twisted the negative leads together and the positive leads went to each side (they're the sticking out things) and were soldered to a small piece of speaker wire. These were soldered to the battery wires respectively.

Step 5: Bend to Shape

Bend into a caterpiller walk type shape =)

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    13 years ago on Introduction

     try activating macro mode on your camera, most off the time it's a flower symbol, other than that, useless, but awesome :-P