Creating the Ideal Golf Grip




Introduction: Creating the Ideal Golf Grip

Here are some instructions to help you develop a great grip for the next time you want to play golf.

golf club
Two hands

Step 1: Proper Position of Club

1. While standing, hold club parallel to body, directly in front of yourself.

2. Point the the head of the club towards the ceiling.

3. To keep club elevated, hold club with right hand during next step.

4. Bring left hand 1-2 inches from end of handle, with the club between your left hand and body.

Step 2: Bringing Left Hand to Club

1. Keep your left hand open, thumb out (as though giving a “thumbs up” sign), other fingers together and extended.

2. Point fingers of left hand 30 degrees above the horizontal.

3. Line up handle of club so that it runs across portion of left hand where pinkie finger meets the palm.

Note: The club should begin to run across the left hand where the pinkie meets the palm and run across the fingers. Club should cover and leave hand near mid point of pointer finger.

Remember: keep hand tilted 30 degrees above horizontal, and the club vertical.

Step 3: Grasp Club With Left Hand

Good job so far! Now you are ready to finish your process of putting the left hand in the proper position.

Remember: Keep left thumb extended (thumbs up position).

1. Grasp club by first wrapping thumb of left hand around the club, while trying to keep fingers still extended.

2. Wrap fingers around the club.

Step 4: Grasping With Right Hand

Good job putting the left hand on the club. Now you are ready to put your other hand on the club as well.

1. For right hand, repeat instructions for bringing left hand to club (step 1), but coming from opposite side.

2. Move right hand so that pinkie of right hand covers the crevice between pointer and middle finger of left hand.

Note: Fingers of left and right hand should be running opposite direction of one another.

3. Wrap right hand fingers and thumb around club and left hand.

Note: Left thumb should be covered or nearly covered by right hand.

Step 5: Finger Placement for Right Hand

Two possible positions are possible for the right pointer finger. Review the two options and select preferred option.

1. Keep right pinkie over the crevice between the left pointer and middle finger.

2. Interlock the right hand pinkie and left hand pointer finger

Note: The interlocking grip is usually used by those that are unable to create the overlapping grip (option 1), such as may be the case with children.

Congratulations! You now have a great grip for the next time you want to hit the golf ball.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    A repeat way is to remove standard grip and replace with a "moulded grip" that has bumps along it to make your hands fit the right way . Have had one on a golf club for 20 years . Keep it as a practice club. On Ebay etc only a few bucks. Think only available in Right handed player style though.