Introduction: Creation Crate Month One Unboxing & Review

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Video review on Creation Crate's month one electronics project. So you maybe asking yourself, what is Creation Crate? It is a subscription based electronics kits allowing people to learn with zero electronics experience or knowledge. They provide all the hardware, software, and instructions needed to build the project. The only thing you’ll need is a computer for the programming and a usb drive. The kit uses an Arduino Uno R3 circuit board. Arduino is an electronics platform which uses both software and hardware to make interactive projects. It’s able to take in various inputs such as switches, sensors, or internet variables. This in turn can be used on a variety of outputs such as leds, screens, motors, audio, etc.

Creation Crate has an awesome product for anyone wanting to learn electronics and Arduino programming. Beyond the project, they also include some testing questions to further expand your skills. This is great for people of all ages, regardless of your skill level and beyond making an excellent hobby, this is a great gift idea too! And you’re not just limited to one project either, these kits are easily expandable, so the only limitation is your imagination.

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