Introduction: Creation Crate Month Two Unboxing & Review

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Video review on Creation Crate's month one electronics project. So you maybe asking yourself, what is Creation Crate? It is a subscription based electronics kits allowing people to learn with zero electronics experience or knowledge. They provide all the hardware, software, and instructions needed to build the project. The only thing you’ll need is a computer for the programming and a usb drive. The kit uses an Arduino Uno R3 circuit board. Arduino is an electronics platform which uses both software and hardware to make interactive projects. It’s able to take in various inputs such as switches, sensors, or internet variables. This in turn can be used on a variety of outputs such as leds, screens, motors, audio, etc.

Step 1:

If you haven’t seen month one’s review video for Creation Crate, be sure to check it out. I will include the link to the video in the description below. Creation Crate has also provided me with a 10% off discount for the first box. The coupon code is DIYERS.

This project I am working on here is memory game. The package comes neatly packed in bubble wrap and everything that is required to make the project comes in this box. All the steps in the instructions are clearly illustrated and straight to the point. Just like month one, we must separate the wires before beginning assembly of the project. Then continue to follow the steps of installing the leds, switches and caps, resistors, wires, speaker, and then connecting the Arduino board.

Step 2:

All that is required now is writing and installing the coding. Open up the Arduino programming software which is free from Arduino’s website and start a new project. The programming should have already been setup after receiving month one from Creation Crate. All the coding is outline in the instruction booklet, if you are having trouble, Creation Crate provides a user login just like month one to access their electronic instruction booklet, and if you give up on the coding, they already have a pre-written file for downloading.

I did happen to make an error as I forget to set the port. But that is just a minor fault and was easily fixed by selecting the drop down menu again for tools and then selecting the correct port. This just gives you an example, if there is an error with the coding the Arduino programming will pick that out so you know exactly what has happened. This programming is available for both Mac and Windows users. Mac does require an extra driver which I did install in month one’s video and creation crate does provide that.

Step 3:

Once the programming has been successful, you’re now ready to enjoy your newly created project.

The game is immediately ready to play, when the lights flash, you must match the sequence with the corresponding buttons. As you get further in the game, it does become harder and will certainly put your memory skills to the test.

If you make a mistake, all the lights will flash along with an audible sound from the buzzer.

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