Introduction: Cardboard Clam Costume

My Technology class assignment had to design a cost efficient and environmentally friendly costume idea.  We were challenged to create a cardboard marine-themed costume made only of cardboard. The idea was to recycle cardboard and create a cheap alternative for a Halloween costume. My team's design theme is invertebrate sea life. I chose to create a clam headpiece

The cardboard flat-pack design is both easy to assemble and easy to store as well. Pieces of cardboard are measured, cut out, and then slotted together. 

Design Brief
To be environmentally friendly, this costume was developed to create a marine-themed costume made of recycled cardboard that can be assembled and slotted together by an adult.  This Halloween costume was intended for a child between the ages of 11-13 and can be used outdoors under minimal supervision.

- Research Cardboard material
- Understand Slotted Construction
- Understand Safety Precautions
- Research a Marine Sea Life
- Understand Ergonomic/ Parametric of audience

- No adhesives allowed
- Made only of cardboard


S1- 1-PLY CARDBOARD (1 1/2 ft X 4 ft)           (Head Piece)
S2- 1-PLY CARDBOARD ( 2 in X 1 1/2 feet)    (Connectors)


T1 - CUTTING MAT      (To put beneath the cardboard and cut on top of)
T2 - UTILITY KNIFE      (To cut the cardboard)
T3 - RULER                   (To measure dimensions)
T4 - PENCIL                   ( To mark and draw out shapes)
T5- MATH COMPASS  (To draw a circle)

Step 1: Part P1: Headpiece

1. Fold the cardboard (S1) in half endwise.
2. Still folded, measure with a ruler (T3) and mark with a pencil (T4) two inches in from the outside on both sides of the fold.
3. Measure with a ruler (T3) and mark with a pencil (T4) six inches from the fold up on the left side of the cardboard. Repeat instructions on opposite side of fold.
5. Draw with a pencil (T4) a line connecting the bottom mark on the left side of the cardboard to the top mark on the left side of the cardboard. Repeat instructions on opposite side of fold.
6. Measure with a ruler (T3) and draw with a pencil (T4)  a one inch line horizontal to the fold. The line should be two inches from the left and six inches from the bottom. Repeat instructions on the right side.
7. Still folded, cut with a utility knife (T2) through both layers of cardboard on the cutting mat (T1).
8. Open the folded cardboard. Measure with a ruler (T3) eight inches from the fold on the right side. Make a mark with a pencil (T4).
9. Draw with a pencil (T4) a diamond shape eight inches from the center.
10. With the utility knife (T2), cut out the head hole. The head hold should be slightly larger than the circumference of the wearer's head.

Step 2: Part P2: Connectors

1. Fold cardboard (S2) in half lengthwise.
2. Cut with the utility knife (T2) down the fold.

The connectors will help the top shell piece from blowing in the wind.

Step 3: Assembling

1. Fold the cardboard so that the Head Piece (P1) is closed.
2. Slide both Connectors (P2) into the pre-made slot.
Have it lying on the side where you can see the head hole. Measure out a four inch by one inch slot on either side of the head hole. Using an Exact-O Knife, cut through both layers of the cardboard. 
3. Fold one inch from the ends of the Connectors. There should be four folds, a fold on each end of the Connectors.

Step 4: Finished Product

Enjoy your environmentally and budget friendly costume!