Introduction: Creative Moneybox Made From Plastic Bottle Waste

Plastic waste is a very difficult component decomposed by bacteria. Amount of plastic waste in the environment, inspire me to utilize the waste into valuable goods. One of waste is plastic bottle of mineral water that become  just a useless junk.

I change this plastic bottle waste into a creative moneybox for children made by their own. In addition to train the children to save their  money and to increase their creativity, it can  educate them to take care of the earth by not littering and recycling the waste into valuable goods. Hopefully, they catch these values, and pass on to the next generation, so that the earth continuity is maintained.

Step 1: Collecting Unused Plastic Bottles, Clean It. Cut the Top of the Bottle

Step 2: Creating an Image Pattern on a Paper

Step 3: 3. Coloring the Pattern

Step 4: Attaching Pictureon the Bottle Using Special Glue

Step 5: Finishing

Making cover made of carton paper for the on top of bottle, and making a narrow hole for inputing the money. 
Ornate the moneybox with a rope or ribon.

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