Introduction: Creative Skateboard

This project is a creative skateboard, which is a transformation and innovation on the traditional skateboard. The skateboard is flanked by its wings, which serve a supplementary function in doing all the movements. In the middle is the abbreviation of my name.

Step 1: First Build a Board on Top of a Skateboard.

1. First select acuboid (left picture), set the length 80cm, width 20cm, length 2cm, the shape of the right picture is obtained.

2. Select another cuboid and set it 14cm long and 4cm wide. Move it to one corner of the long board and coincide with the edge of the long board. Then click it with the mouse and then click copy and paste.

3. Hold shift, click on the four corners at the same time, click hollow and then click group.

Step 2: To Build the Wheels

(1) intermediate axis: select a cylinder and set it as 40cm high and 4cm in diameter

(2) wheel: select a cylinder, set it as 8cm high and 8cm diameter, and click copy and paste to get another wheel

(3) align the wheels with the axle on either side.

(4)First copy and paste the middle shaft to the side, then click on the original shaft, and then click on the hollow.

(5)Hold shift, click select two wheels and hollow shaft, click group, get the picture.

(6)Reset the middle shaft to its original position and set the height to 36cm. Hold down shift, select all parts and click group.

Step 3: Set Up Fixed Bracket

(1)select a torus and set it as 6cm in x direction, 5.5cm in y direction and 7.5cm in z direction.

(2) choose two wedges, one in x direction 8.6cm, y direction 8cm and z direction 6cm. The other one is 6.5cm in the x direction, 8cm in the y direction, and 4cm in the z direction.

(3) select two cylinders with a radius of 3cm and a height of 4cm. The left

(4) combine them, as shown on the right.

(5)Copy the assembly of the previous step and place it on both sides of the long board, as shown in the figure. Hold shift and select all parts to group and integrate.

Step 4: Make Star Decorations

1.Select a star, set it to 4cm in length, width and height, and place it in the four wheels to make it symmetrical.

2. Select a star, make it 0.5cm high, insert it into the board, click hollow, then group, and finally group all the parts together.

Step 5: Make Chassis Bracket

1.Take a cuboid and a wedge, set the wedge as 7cm long, 5cm wide and 3.32cm high, and then move the wedge and cuboid to the figure below.

2.Click on the rectangle, then click on the hollow, then hold down shift, select all, and click on the group to get the picture.

3.Move it to the picture.

4.Select a cylinder, set it to be 5cm in diameter and 7.55cm in height, and tilt it 10° to the right. Then place it on the wedge and hold shift to group them.

5.Select the previous assembly to copy and paste, and move to the other side of the long board, symmetric with it.

6.Click mirror, turn the cylinder inward, and select all to group and integrate.

7.And then you end up with the slide that you see here.

Step 6: Make Skateboard Wings

1.Select two flippers, shrink them appropriately, and assemble them as shown.

2.Select Z,J and R, make them 0.01cm high, and place them as shown in the figure.

Step 7:

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