Creative Switch Backpack

Introduction: Creative Switch Backpack

- 9V battery

- 2 blue LEDs

- Wires

- Conductive fabric

Step 1: Solder the Negative End

All that is necessary is to add the wire that will be connected to the backpack zipper.

Step 2: Solder the Positive End

This end needs to be long enough to loop through the top of the backpack and back down again to the end of the zipper to connect to the conductive fabric.

Step 3: Assemble Inside the Backpack

burn two holes, one next to the zipper start and one above the zipper started. Stick the negative end wire through the bottom hole and attach it to the zipper. Slide the positive end through the end of the zipper and attach the lights to the top of the backpack. The extra wire loops through the hole above the zipper and goes to the end of the zipper, attaching to the conductive fabric. The fabric is stapled to the backpack, wire snuggly inside.

Step 4: Zip for Switch to Close

the wire touching the conductive fabric will close the circuit

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