Creative Uses for a Washing Machine Drum




Introduction: Creative Uses for a Washing Machine Drum

This tutorial is meant to inspire and to look at discarded objects in an alternative way. Its not meant to be duplicated necessarily but to give you ideas about possible uses of a washing machine drum that typically would not be considered. My focus was on creating motion that I could photograph or video tape as a series of images. I wasn't sure how I would use the images but loved the patterns the light created as it moved through the washing machine drum.

Step 1:

1 Spray painted the drum black on the exterior and white on the interior.

Step 2: Base Construction

Next we cut a simple 13 x 17 base out of plywood. Under the plywood is a 12 x 3" support that the plywood sits on. The plywood holds the flywheel, that I obtained from a defunct stationary bike, which serves as the engine to move the washing machine drum. Because the flywheel is so heavy, I added additional support with metal brackets for reinforcement.

Last I added sides to the support base and spray painted to make it look finished.

Step 3: Attaching the Drum

I attached a metal ring to the base with four screws and a pvc pipe which fits inside the ring. The flywheel was then positioned over the pvc pipe.

Step 4: Let the Fun Begin

From now on I will refer to washing machine drum as "the Animatron"

Take the Animatron outside on a sunny day, give it a spin and watch the patterns created by the holes reflecting on the inside of the Animatron. Videotape the hypnotic patterns, add some mirrors, mylar paper., cds or any object that can either reflect light or transmit light. Explore and see the variations of patterns and light. Try out slow motion for an additional effect.

Will post samples of the various looks you can achieve.

Step 5: More Videos

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    4 years ago

    That's a cool camera effect. I wonder what it would look like at a high speed or as some sort of time lapse.