Credit Card Ipod Stand

Introduction: Credit Card Ipod Stand

About: Hey my name is wyatt of course, umm I'm active in a few different sports, I'm really interested in electronics but I still have a ton to learn

Hey guys this is my first instruct able thingy hope you like it

If you don't have an ihome or any of those other fancy gadgets this is the next best thing at making your phone or iPod feel cozy and safe
List of needed items:

Two credit or gift cards(if you using a credit card make sure you cut in such a way that people won't be able to get you information cause that would not be good) in this case I'm using two iTunes gift cards

Something to cut the cards with, scissors, xacto knife, or dremmel

A marker to draw your outline

Tape or hot glue

Step 1: Drawing the Outline

Draw your outline of where you wanna cut your shape(don't be afraid to be creative) and double check before you begin cutting the card

Step 2: Cutting the Card

Follow the outline drawn with your knife or other cutting tool you choose to use, the xacto blade was taking longer than I had hoped so I cut a groove with the knife and followed it with the scissors

Once I cut the piece off I cleaned it up a bit by burning the frayed stuff off with a lighter then bumped it with a little bit of sand paper

Step 3: Cutting the Other Card

Just use the other card you just finished as a template,( keep in mind this one a mirror image of the first one)

Step 4: Adding "padding"

(This step is optional)
Once you finish cutting the last card out its time for padding

To keep from scratching my ipod(and to cover up my horrible cutting and burning job) I added some electrical tape around the edges

Note: there are other things you can use, like cloth or leather or something

First cut a piece of tape slightly longer than the over all length that the tape will be cove

Place the center of the tape on the edge of the card, (I've found it easiest to put it in my finger and press it into the curved part first,)

Then once you make sure it's all straight cut a slit on each side of the tape where the curve is so you are able to fold the tape over each side

Once you fold the tape over, trim off the excess tape

Repeat for the second card

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Once you've finished padding the cards it's time to put them both together

Cut a piece of tape just long enough to where the card starts to curve so you done have any exposed sticky stuff

If any of the tape sticks out just trim with a blade

Put the cards back to back and place the tap, make sure it's straight

I'd recommend putting another piece on the other side but you don't have to if you don't like the look of it

Step 6: All Done!!!

Once it is finished it can be folded up and put in your wallet and it can hold your iPod up in a horizontal and vertical position

Haha I was using my iPod to make this so I used a symphony bar to model it instead and I apologize for any typos that I'm sure I've made

Thanks for checking this out hope you have fun don't be afraid to experiment with this. Stay cool guys :)

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