Introduction: Credit Card Sized Metal Detector

Hello everyone I want to show you my last project, a Credit Card Sized Metal Detector.

This is a Pocket and flat version of the original instructable:

Step 1: Previous Versions

I was happy with a previous version that I build, it was working very well, but the huge coil was giving it a Ghostbuster look. so I started wondering how to shrink it.

First I tried with a smaller coil, it worked better and was more compact, but I was still not happy.

So I went for the flat version and the coil was the biggest challenge.

I have tried several configurations, at the end I recycled a coil from a phone splitter.

Step 2: Components

Required Components:

    • Arduino nano
    • lipo battery
    • Voltage up-converter (any)
    • 10nF ceramic capacitor
    • Buzzer
    • 1k resistor
    • 330-ohm resistor
    • LED
    • 1N4148
    • diode
    • Support (in my case credit card)
    • BatterySwitch
    • Coil (highest inductance as possible, check with tester on 200-ohm)
    • Glue (epoxy)
    • Cables (from broken LAN cable for added rigidity)

    Step 3: The Code and Circuit

    As I said this project is a modification of the following original instructable:


    Step 4: Final Version

    As you can see, it is very fast and with good sensitivity.

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