Introduction: Credit Card Earbud Winder

About: Network Specialist

I know there are many different ways to wind the ear bud headphones. But nothing seems to work from me or I misplace the winding accessory. And getting the wires untangled is horribly annoying, when you need it.

So I came up with this idea to use a business card or a cancelled credit card or the sample cards that come with the pre-approved offers. Of these, you can always find a business card in your wallet or in your laptop bag.

For this instructable, I will use a cancelled credit card.

Items needed:

1. cancelled credit card or a used gift card or a business card
2. Ruler (optional)
3. pencil or pen (optional)
4. small rubber band (optional)

Step 1: Mark and Fold

1. Mark  two points of equal distance  on the smaller side  of the card.
2. Use the ruler or well defined edge of a table to fold the card at the marks lengthwise.

Step 2: Done; Winder Ready

Wind the earbuds and use a rubber band to hold the fold if needed. Unlike other methods,  you don't have to cut the card to hold the buds and jack.  I also found that repeated use with cut edges, damages the cable.

Hope you like this simple method to wind the ear bud cable and avoid "entanglement"!