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Introduction: Credit Card Earbud Winder

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I know there are many different ways to wind the ear bud headphones. But nothing seems to work from me or I misplace the winding accessory. And getting the wires untangled is horribly annoying, when you need it.

So I came up with this idea to use a business card or a cancelled credit card or the sample cards that come with the pre-approved offers. Of these, you can always find a business card in your wallet or in your laptop bag.

For this instructable, I will use a cancelled credit card.

Items needed:

1. cancelled credit card or a used gift card or a business card
2. Ruler (optional)
3. pencil or pen (optional)
4. small rubber band (optional)

Step 1: Mark and Fold

1. Mark  two points of equal distance  on the smaller side  of the card.
2. Use the ruler or well defined edge of a table to fold the card at the marks lengthwise.

Step 2: Done; Winder Ready

Wind the earbuds and use a rubber band to hold the fold if needed. Unlike other methods,  you don't have to cut the card to hold the buds and jack.  I also found that repeated use with cut edges, damages the cable.

Hope you like this simple method to wind the ear bud cable and avoid "entanglement"!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Brilliant. I'm going to try this with my own Lowes card. - :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I just want to mention that you should wind your wires very loosely. Wires are very fragile and breakable, so if you are winding them extremely tight you will probably ruin them very quickly. The best method for storing earbuds in your pocket is to use a small pouch that you can put them in. You can then coil them correctly and just slide them into your pouch. Granted, it takes practice to be able to do it effectively, but I've had my $50 Sennheiser earbuds for over a year and a half now without any problems... which is more than most people can say about their earbuds.