Introduction: Credit Card Size Smartphone Stand W/ Micro SD Reader

Ever want to watch a movie on your smartphone, browse the internet, or maybe a little reading but didn't want to eat the burger with one hand?

This stand is small enough to fit in the credit card slot of a wallet but big enough to accommodate a full sized Smartphone.

Step 1: Material

3/32" black ABS plastic

Micro SD card reader (2)

Heavy duty staple

Credit card sleeve

Double sided tape


Rotary hand tool (Dermal) with drill, grinder, sander, milling bits.

Step 2: Design and Plans Transferre

Downloaded free CAD program

Designed stand and printed full size plans

Cover ABS plastic blank with Double sided tape and affixed plans.

Used needle point rotary drill attachment to transfer outlines through paper into plastic.

Step 3: Cutting and Assembly

Used cutoff wheels and milling attachments to make individual pieces

Disassembled one of the SD readers to determine with side of the board had the printed circuit

Drilled hole though steel case on blank side of circuit board

Straightened heavy duty staple and cut to 1/4" bigger than reader is wide, inserted through reader to act as axles

Milled slots on either side of card reader opening big enough to accept axle

Glued axles in place being careful not to touch reader

Melted ABS plastic into axle slots and sanded smooth

Step 4:

This would be an ideal 3-D printed project. It took me almost 5 hours and more than a few ruined pieces. to get the one I use.

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