Introduction: Creeper Catcher

Ever wonder if someone is standing outside of your home peering in through the window in the doorway? Well, for my instructable, I will be creating a Creeper Catcher. This instructable will notify you when someone is standing on your front step. No more creeping... In theory, the pressure sensor would be placed under a door mat. The bell and LED would be placed inside the home to notify you when the visitor steps on the door mat to activate the pressure sensor.

My instructable will include: Input: Pressure Sensor Output: Servo (which will ring a bell to notify you of a creeper) and an LED light... in case you don't hear the bell. One slight issue is the size of the components. The wires will need to be lengthened to allow you to place the bell, pressure sensor, and LED in strategic places.

Step 1: Materials

I will be using the following components to build my Creeper Catcher. The “Other Supplies” area may vary depending on your needs when hiding the Arduino and Breadboard.


  • Components & Connectors Included in the Arduino Experimentation Kit USB Power Source for Arduino x1 Arduino Uno x1
  • Breadboard x1
  • Pressure Sensor x1
  • Servo x1
  • Red 5 mm LED x1
  • Wires x11
  • 10 K Ohm Resistor - Brown - Black - Orange x1
  • 560 Ohm Resistor Green-Blue-Brown x1
  • Arduino PowerCord for 9V Battery
  • 9V Battery

Hardware - Tools

  • Additional Wire to Lengthen the Pressure Sensor and LED
  • Copper Wire Tape
  • Wire Cutters

Software - Tools

  • Computer (to load the code)
  • Arduino IDE

Other Supplies

  • Scotch Tape
  • Bell
  • Metal Rod (or something similar to hit bell)
  • Other items you may want to use to hide the Arduino and Breadboard (Wooden box, Container, etc.)

Step 2: Hardware Instructions

The breadboard will be set up as shown in the image.

Extra wire should be measured, cut with the wire cutters, and rubber cut off the ends when you are able to determine where you will be placing the servo to ring the bell, the LED to view inside the home, and the pressure sensor under the doormat.

After the wire is cut, insert the wire into the breadboard, then attach the wire to the servo, LED, and/or pressure sensor. The wire can be twisted onto the pieces, or taped on with copper wire tape.

The breadboard and Arduino may be placed in a container, wooden box, etc., to keep it safe and dry if it is sitting outside.

The metal rod needs to be taped to the top of the servo. Secure the bell in close proximity to the servo to allow for the servo to turn and ring the bell when it is triggered.

The LED should be placed in a place where you will be a ble to see it if it is triggered.

After the wire extensions are secured to the pressure sensor, the pressure sensor can be placed under the doormat. Place this in an area that will likely be stepped on if someone is in your doorway.

Step 3: Software

Plug your USB power cord into the USB port on your computer and the other end into the power slot on your Arduino.

If this is the first time you are using your Arduino, you will need to install the IDE. Go to to download the software for your operating system

Your Arduino Code:

Input: Pressure Sensor

Output: Servo and LED

Enter this code into your Arduino Program

int sensePin = 2;

int ledPin = 9; // (use one capable of PWM)

void setup() {


pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

int value = analogRead(sensePin) / 4;

analogWrite(ledPin, value);



Press the Arrow to Upload this when ready

Step 4: Completion

When the Creeper Catcher is complete, it will operate as seen in the video. Unplug the USB cord from the Arduino. Attach the 9V battery to the power cord and plug it into the Arduino to power it.

Determine the best locations for you to hear the bell and see the LED. Place them in these areas. Place the Arduino and breadboard in a box and/or safe location. Place the pressure sensor under the rug.

You are ready to catch your first creeper! Good luck!