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This mirror was inspired by one I made last year for Halloween. The one I made last year had a skull on the mirror surface which I added using waterslide paper. One of my followers said it would look really cool if the skull could look like it was coming out of the mirror. With this in mind, I came up with this 3D Halloween mirror. This creepy Halloween mirror will look great all lit up on your porch to thrill or scare the trick or treaters.

Step 1: Paint the Mirror

Any mirror will work for this project, but this style will look better. I painted the frame with black gesso and highlighted the raised edges with gold wax paste. This can be washed off after Halloween or you can seal it with Acrylic spray if you want to keep the look.

Step 2: Making the Skull

To make the skull I used a Halloween jelly mould and some epoxy resin. I had this idea in my head that I wanted the skull to light up at night on the mirror. So I wanted to try and add some battery operated string lights to the skull.

Step 3: Adding the Lights

I had no idea if lights would still work once they were set into the resin. So as an added precaution I also added some glow in the dark powder. So if the lights failed it would still shine up at night.

Step 4: Position the Lights

Spread the lights out over the inside of the skull. I made my first mistake here by not leaving enough wire to hide the battery box behind the mirror. And mistake number 2, I did not check the colour of my lights. I wanted red but added the blue, which was not to bad in the end.

Step 5: Mix Your Resin

I also wanted the mirror to look cool during the day without all the wires showing. So to hide the wires I added some red colour pigment to the resin. Mix your resin well before adding it to the mould or it will not set properly. Mix according to the manufacturers instructions as not all resins are the same.

Step 6: Remove the Bubbles

Once you have poured the resins some bubbles will appear on the surface. You can remove these by using a blow torch flame. All you need to do is swipe the flame over the resin and the bubbles will disappear. You leave the resin to dry as per manufactures instructions. All resins are different, but they seem to be round about 12 hours.

Step 7: Paint the Skull

Pop the skull out of the mould and paint it black with acrylic paint or black gesso.

Step 8: Making the Hood

To make the hood you need some craft glue or fabric stiffener, they both work great. And some scrap black fabric, I used an old t-shirt.

Step 9: Protect the Mirror

Place the skull where you would like it and cover it with saran wrap. This is to stop the glue sticking to the mirror and skull, and also prevent lots of cleaning up after.

Step 10:

Put some glue or stiffener into a bowl and add a small amount of water and mix well. Then you can dip your fabric into the glue, try to cover all the fabric in glue.

Step 11: Arrange the Hood

You can now arrange the hood around the skull however you like. It will be a bit floppy at first but as the glue dries you can add more detail to the fabric.

Step 12:

I had to pop out unexpectedly before mine was dry. I just grabbed items I had laying around my craft room to hold it in place while it dried. It takes about 2 hours to dry or less outside in the sun.

Step 13: Attach the Hood and Skull

Once the hood is dry you can remove the plastic wrap. Next, glue the hood and the skull onto the mirror using a hot glue gun. I thought the skull still looked a little boring during the day. To highlight the skull and the hood I used some bronze wax paste and rubbed some over the surface.

Step 14: Adding Some Extras

The hands are ones I use every year, you buy them as a "bag of bones" in the budget stores. I painted them black and added wax paste to the surface. I used hot glue to stick them all to the mirror.

Step 15: Hide the Battery Box

To solve my second problem with the short wire on the battery box. I covered the battery box with fabric and added a spider. Not the best solution but it worked. The idea was to hide it behind the mirror.

Step 16: Completed

And that was my 3D Halloween mirror completed. When the lights are switched on it looks really cool, but will not photograph well. This project has been entered into the Halloween contest, so if you like it please add a vote.

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