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Ever wanted to know when someone opens your drawer or cupboard without you knowing? Or wanted an Alarm clock which buzzes when its morning without setting it the other night? Well, the search ends here.

Introducing Creepy Cricket (the insect) -

Creepy Cricket is known to keep you alert when an intruder opens your cupboard or your drawer. It just starts buzzing when someone opens your cupboard/drawer. You can also keep Creepy Cricket on your window at night, so when the morning arises, it will start buzzing for you to wake up. Something more interesting? It sounds just like the cricket and makes you get the feel of nature around you!

The whole things works on an Arduino Uno board and an LDR(Light Dependent Register), which is set to buzz an alarm when the intensity of light falling on it goes above a certain level(threshold).

Here is the completed video of the Creep :P

Creepy Cricket Part 1

Creepy Cricket Part 2

Step 1: Things You Will Need :

Lets start with the things you will need to make your own Creepy Cricket.

  • Basic Stuff
  1. Cardboard
  2. Stapler
  3. Glue
  4. Tape
  5. Scissor
  6. Texture White (A resin impasto medium)
  7. Eraser
  8. Paint!
  • Electronic Stuff
  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Buzzer
  3. LDR
  4. Drill
  5. Connecting Wires
  6. Resistor (3.3k ohm)

Step 2: The Main Head

  • The first thing will be to make the head of the cricket. Take some cardboard and cut it in the pieces as shown above. You can take any size making sure all other parts are proportional to the main body.
  • Fold the head piece as shown in the figure. Tape the edges to make a proper shape of a head for the cricket.

Step 3: The Main Body

  • For the main body, cut the cardboard and make a crease as shown in the photo.

Step 4: The Head and Body Connection

  • Connect the Head and the body as shown in the photo above using glue or stapler.

Step 5: The Legs

  • Take a piece of cardboard and cut some pieces as per your choice or as shown in the figure.
  • Make sure they are a little symmetrical on both sides.
  • Cut long leg pieces for the hind legs and a little short legs for the fore legs.

Step 6: The Body and Leg Connection

  • Cut 3 pairs of cardboard pieces for the legs and staple or glue them as shown in the figure.
  • Make sure you refer the images or google some Cricket images for reference while joining the legs to the body.

Step 7:

  • After assembling the Head, Body and the legs, apply a resin impasto medium on it.
  • This will give the cricket a natural finish and will also make sure the paint sticks to the cricket.
  • Leave the whole thing to dry for 2 - 3 hours.

Step 8: Paint!!!

  • Apply any color of your choice to the cricket, I have applied Sparkling pearl emerald green for a vibrant and natural feel.
  • Add a little shade as well to give it a more real look.
  • Also, I cut an eraser and used it for the eyes. Also, a nail-polish black would make the eraser shine.

Step 9: The Electronics - LDR

  • The first thing to do is drill two holes at the top of the cricket to attach the LDR (Light Dependent Resistor).
  • This will make the cricket sense the intensity of light arounf it.

Step 10: The Circuit

The circuit diagram is as shown in the photo above.

  • Connect the positive pin of the Buzzer to pin 12 of Arduino Uno and the other pin of Buzzer to ground.
  • Connect one pin of LDR to 5V on Arduino and other pin to A0 of Arduino.
  • Connect one end of Resistor to A0 and other end to ground.

Step 11: The Base

  • For the base, cut a rectangular board a little longer in width and length than the Cricket.
  • Fold the edges as shown to lift the whole arrangement a little above to let wires pass under it.
  • Make a hole in the centre of the board for passing wires.
  • Color the surface using any color of your choice. I used burnt Sienna to give a color of ground.

Step 12: Assembly

  • Use two connecting wires for joining the LDR to arduino.
  • Use two other connecting wires for joining Buzzer with Arduino.
  • Pass all wires through the hole provided on the cardboard base.

Step 13: Final

  • Attach all connecting wires to Arduino board as per the circuit and program it using the given code.

Go on scare your friends and family! Hope they dont call the exterminators ;)

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