Introduction: Creepy Doll Head Lamp

I made a super easy and fun D.I.Y decoration that is perfect for Halloween! These creepy doll lamps have super spooky vibes! I recommend this project for anyone 16 or older unless they have parental supervision due to the risk of getting hurt from broken porcelain. For kids I would use plastic dolls instead of porcelain dolls. I hope you enjoy this instructable and have a happy Halloween!


Porcelain Dolls (I found for cheap at thrift stores)

Scissors (scissors that are sharp!)

Knife (also sharp!)

Sharpie (for smaller details)

Mini Candles (I used the fake small flickering candles you can find pretty much anywhere)

Step 1: It's Getting Hot in Here- Take Off the Clothes

Most porcelain dolls come with layers of clothing and a stand. Start by taking those off.

Step 2: Go Bald- Take Off the Hair

Next, rip off the hair. Just rip it right off, don't be nice. If you need to use scissors to cut away at the glue that may help if it's being stubborn. If the cap on top of the dolls head doesn't come off along with the hair, use a knife to pry it off.

Step 3: Doll Death- Take Off the Head

Once the doll is naked, it's time for the beheading. Use scissors to slice the head off, and proceed by cutting off any extra string or cloth wrapped around the neck. You won't need the body anymore from this point on, but I used my doll's body for other decorations such as hanging the arms and legs around.

Step 4: Blind As a Bat- Take Out the Eyes

There should be a hole at the top of the head looking into the hollow inside. Poke the eyes out from the outside with a knife or scissors. Once popped out, carefully remove the eyes from the inside. The porcelain might be sharp, so don't get cut!

Step 5: Breaking Bad- Break Excess Porcelain

Once you've stripped the doll completely you need to check the hole on top of the head to make sure it can fit the mini candle inside. If its too small, you could either buy smaller candles, or you could do what I did. For dolls with tiny head holes, I used scissors (or you could use a knife) to carefully break away the porcelain at the top until the hole was big enough to fit the candle.

Step 6: Makeover Time- Decorate the Head

So there isn't really any specific thing you need to do here, since the dolls heads are pretty creepy by themselves. However, I did find it fun to add a little special touch to my doll heads by using black sharpie to draw on creepy features! I added a cute goth to the dolls look by drawing on pointed eyebrows, eyelashes, freckles, lipstick, and various different designs. I recommend even adding some glitter, feathers, tassels, gems, or any other fun decorations to give it your own special touch!

Step 7: Lit- Add the Candle

The last step is the easiest, just place the candle inside the doll head from the top hole, and voila! You have made a creepy doll head lamp! And that's all folks!

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