Introduction: Spinning Doll Head

Dolls. They are cute, right? Well, not this one. This doll will be perfect for you during Halloween. Its spinning head and twitching eyes will send chills down your spine. In my instructable, I will guide you through a few simple steps to create the scariest head spinning doll. Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following:


- Cutting mat

- Scissors

Additional materials:

- Alligator clips

- Cardboard

- Foam

- Wire

- Glue gun

- Red paint


- 9V batteries

Step 2: Attach the Motor

- Cut a circle shape out of cardboard and make a hole in the center

- Use a glue gun to attach it to the bottom of the head as a base

- Stick the motor through the hole

- Attach the 9V battery with the alligator clips

- Connect the battery with alligator clips to the motor (use tape to secure the wire)

Step 3: Head Support

*In order for the head to be supported upright create a stand. It will also keep the wires secure on the inside of the doll.

-Use the glue gun to attach the foam to the motor

- Cut three equal strips of cardboard

- On both sides use two strips of cardboard that will support the front and backbone of the doll

- To secure all materials use the last cardboard strip and wrap it around the motor

- Place the head support in the body

Step 4: Final Touches (make Over):

*Remember the worse condition the doll is in, the better. However, since I ordered mine online I needed to change a few things.

1. Tie the hair up in ponytails and add wire to keep up and away from the motor (this will also make sure the hair doesn't get stuck in the motor)

2. Create scars by using the red paint and black marker to give a more creepy look

3. Mess up the clothing by adding rips, mud, and grass in hair

Step 5: Final Product

Now that you are done with your creepy doll have fun, and Happy Halloween!

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