Introduction: Creepy Eyes

This is my second attempt to publish this instructable because the first one would not upload all the steps. Hopefully the good people at Instructables will delete the first one.

I originally wanted to put these eyes in a plastic jack-o-lantern that the little ones carry when claiming their candy at each house, it will work with an Arduino UNO or MINI, you just have to set your IDE to the proper board when uploading the sketch.

When up and running the eyes look around and change colours when it gets irritated and blink. A battery pack will keep it running for a couple of hours (depending on the size of the battery pack you use). Tape the eyes and Arduino to the inside of the jack-o-lantern, it will leave plenty of room for candy. I couldn't find one of these jack-o-lanterns so I installed it into a styrofoam head stone.

It could be hidden in a bush, sew it into a costume or anything else you can imagine.

Step 1: Items Needed

  1. You will need an Arduino UNO or MINI
  2. Jumper wires
  3. 2 x1.8" TFT LCDs
  4. power supply (battery, plug in or Arduino USB cable.
  5. Headers or bread board

Step 2: Wire Harnesses

You will need two jumper wires each of seven different colours

2xRED connect to VCC 3.3 volts

2xBLACK connect to GND ground

2xYELLOW connect to SCK or CLK pin 13 on Arduino

2xORANGE connect to SDA pin 11 on Arduino

2xGREEN connect to CS pin 10 on Arduino

2xBLUE connect to RES or RST pin 9 on Arduino

2xPURPLE connect to RS or DC pin 8 on Arduino

From each pair of coloured wires cut one end off one wire and cut the second wire in half, skin the three ends twist them together and solder. Put shrink tube over each splice and apply heat for a couple of seconds. See the photos above.

Step 3: Connecting the Eyes

Connect the long end of each harness to the appropriate on the Arduino board then each of the two short ends to the displays as listed above. Be sure not to connect the red wire to 5 volts, you may blow up your displays. Plug the Arduino to your computer via the USB cable Arduino provided, The screens should light up white.

Start up you IDE, copy the Eye_Ball_ Colours ino file to the IDE, check for errors, if no errors show up upload the sketch to the Arduino board.

The eyes should start, if not check your the five harnesses for proper pin position. You may get one eye working and the other white, this is usually a reversed wire on that display or all the wires are shifted up or down on the Arduino header or the display header.

Step 4: Displaying the Displays

I've chosen to install my eyes into a head stone I bought at the dollar store. It had red jewelled eyes that I cut out, scraped out the back of the head stone to get the eyes as close to the front as I could. Insert the tft displays, use a filler such as a folded up paper towel then a good quality tape such as duct tape to hold the eyes in place.

The head stone came with forks to stand it up in the garden, I used these to secure the Arduino board and hold the wire harness close to the head stone and keep it from moving.

Were ever or how you use it have fun with it. The kids will love it. I have mine sitting next to me at the computer making sure I do this properly.

Besides, it keeps my cats away.



Step 5: Sketch

Upload and test this sketch